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Upcoming U.S. Supreme Court cases could curb colleges’ use of affirmative action

A U.S. Supreme Court dominated by conservative justices could fundamentally reshape the college admissions process later this year when it takes up two landmark cases challenging affirmative action in higher education. ... Read more»

As rents soar, states take aim at local zoning laws

In 2021, U.S. rents rose faster over the previous year than they have in the past 20 years - with average rent prices in Arizona increasing 27% between Jan 2021 and Jan. 2022 - leaving many low- and medium-income renters priced out of homes and lawmakers rethinking zoning laws.... Read more»

The economic recovery isn’t lifting everyone

The United States is slowly emerging from the COVID-19 economic recession; unemployment has dropped by more than half, people are spending more money, and families are paying off their credit card debt again - yet these milestones mask an uncomfortable truth: The economic recovery is mostly benefiting white families.... Read more»

Arizona activists, faith leaders decry 'voter suppression' bills

Faith and community leaders on Wednesday demanded Arizona’s elected officials stand against “voter suppression” laws, joining a national movement that has embroiled businesses and lawmakers across the U.S. ... Read more»

Biden slams 'un-American' GOP drive to curb voting rights in the states

President Joe Biden on Thursday in his first formal news conference since taking office blasted Republican-controlled state legislatures that are seeking to restrict voting access, labeling those attempts “sick” and “un-American.” ... Read more»

Arizona education advocates oppose expansion of private school vouchers

Public education advocates gathered at the Arizona Capitol to protest a proposed voucher expansion that they say would further defund public schools. Arizona voters rejected similar legislation two years ago.... Read more»

TUSD's decades-old desegregation case returns to 9th Circuit

The lingering effects of school segregation, which largely ended in Arizona in the 1950s, still echo through the courts more than four decades after a Hispanic mother claimed Tucson’s school district was “tri-ethnic,” offering a very different experiences for Black, Hispanic and white students.... Read more»

Arizona admin dep't looking into removal of Confederate monument

The Arizona Department of Administration is looking into what kind of process may be needed to remove a monument to Confederate soldiers at the state Capitol, but state law leaves the decision up to the agency’s director, and, by inference, his boss, Gov. Doug Ducey.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Should GOP crow about 9th Circuit tossing Tucson elections?

Tuesday's ruling tossing out Tucson's elections is neither that shocking, nor a game changer. In fact, I'm trying to figure out what Republicans are crowing about because they haven't proven adept at the sort of all-out campaign required to win over skeptical voters. They were great at it, once.... Read more»2

Study: White, black families self-segregate

A study by the American Sociological Review suggests that while diversity in American cities is growing, few black and white families are moving to ethnically mixed areas.... Read more»