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Napolitano cuts Arpaio's access to ICE programs

In the wake of Justice Department allegations of widespread discrimination by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Homeland Security has canceled an agreement that allows MCSO to detain illegal immigrants after their initial arrest.... Read more»13

DHS refutes immigration 'stonewalling' allegations

Homeland Security officials said Monday they are gathering data to appease U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-San Antonio, after his powerful House committee threatened to hold the agency in contempt of Congress for failing to provide immigration enforcement information.... Read more»1

Napolitano: Number of deportations in '11 should break record

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that immigration officials expect another record-breaking number of deportations when the final numbers for fiscal 2011 are tallied.... Read more»


'Secure Communities' should not undermine 'A Better Life'

“A Better Life” is the latest in—and among the best of—a series of excellent films portraying the lives of undocumented immigrants. The new film (unintentionally) highlights a central flaw of the immigration enforcement program.... Read more»1

Feds: Secure Communities not optional

The federal government on Friday announced it was rescinding memorandums of agreement with 39 states, including Texas, that participate in the Secure Communities program.... Read more»2

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Judge: Feds ‘misled public’ on controversial immigration program

Federal immigration authorities must hand over potentially embarrassing documents related to the implementation of a controversial immigration program known as Secure Communities, a federal judge ordered last week.... Read more»


Feds review Secure Communities deportation program

The controversial Secure Communities initiative, aimed at deporting criminal aliens but criticized for removing mostly minor offenders of lesser crimes, may undergo considerable changes, according to the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.... Read more»1

Texas Senate approves major immigration bill

The Texas Senate approved what some lawmakers called the most significant piece of homeland security legislation filed this session, a measure civil liberty groups worry is a major encroachment on civil rights.... Read more»

Unlikely groups ally to oppose Texas immigration law

The Texas ACLU and an El Paso county sheriff who supports the controversial Secure Communities program stood side by side at the State Capitol in Austin on Thursday to denounce pre-filed, immigration-related legislation similar to Arizona’s SB 1070.... Read more»

Secure Communities deportation program expands in Texas

The controversial Secure Communities program that identifies immigrants in local jails now operates in every Texas county.... Read more»

Faced with backlog, feds not deporting non-criminal immigrants

About a month ago, Homeland Security began reviewing and moving to dismiss deportation cases against suspected illegal immigrants without serious criminal records, according to The Houston Chronicle.... Read more»

Texas counties joining immigrant deportation program

Mention immigration and hardliners grouse about an "open door" policy that results in a porous border, welcoming freeloaders and criminals. But dozens of Texas counties participate in a program called Secure Communities, which aims to ferret out criminal aliens and expedite their removal.... Read more»

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