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White House delivered terrible day in trio of federal immigration lawsuits

The Trump administration faced a trio of losses in federal courts Friday, as judges blocked plans to fast-track deportations, undo a long-standing agreement on the detention of migrant children, and barred the agency from relying on a flawed database to detain people held by local law enforcement.... Read more»

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Advocates: Feds withholding documents on deportation push

Immigrant advocates accused the federal government of withholding documents after 10 agencies released only a few papers relating to a new deportation policy known as the Priority Enforcement Program.... Read more»

Despite priorities, only 1/3 of immigration holds focused on convicted criminals

Despite announced shifts in deportation priorities by the White House late last year, new data shows that in April fewer than one-third of the detainer requests sent to local police agencies by ICE were for immigrants convicted of a crime. ... Read more»

Homeland Security: Apprehensions up, deportations down in 2014

Apprehensions by U.S. Border Patrol agents nationwide are up 15 percent compared to last year, mainly due to the influx of unaccompanied children and family units in south Texas this summer. However, the number of undocumented immigrants deported by Homeland Security dropped 5 percent. ... Read more»

More cities, counties defying feds on deportation holds

More jurisdictions — including almost 300 cities and counties plus the states of California, Colorado and Connecticut — are refusing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities when they are asked to detain noncitizen prisoners for possible deportation.... Read more»2

Texas immigration activists arrested protesting Secure Communities

Travis County, Texas, sheriff’s deputies on Monday saw firsthand what immigration-reform activists hope will be a series of civil disobedience protests across that state. As part of a publicity campaign, a group of six activists blocked the exit gate at the Travis County Jail; they were arrested and will likely be charged with criminal trespass. The protesters hope the actions will prompt county officials to reconsider a controversial finger-printing initiative opponents say deports non-violent undocumented immigrants. ... Read more»1

Immigrants bring fight to White House, demand end to deportations

Katherine Figueroa was 9 and watching television reports of a workplace raid in Phoenix when she saw video of her parents being hauled away by sheriff’s deputies. They were eventually released, but the episode was jarring enough that Katherine, now 13, and her parents traveled to Washington to lobby lawmakers and rally with others Wednesday outside the White House against further deportations.... Read more»

Guest opinion: SB 1070

Supreme Court failed to fully protect against racial profiling

Though making an effort to limit the opportunities for racial profiling, the Supreme Court still upheld one of S.B. 1070’s central and most offensive provisions, the requirement that law enforcement officers demand proof of legal status from anyone they suspect is undocumented.... Read more»4

Immigration at forefront in Texas sheriff race

A controversial immigration-enforcement policy is at the forefront of the sheriff’s race in Travis County, Texas.... Read more»1

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Fewer illegal immigrants face detention from traffic stops

Immigration officials announced Friday that illegal immigrants who are arrested on minor traffic violations and have no criminal history will no longer automatically face detention.... Read more»

Texas cities join in brief opposing SB 1070

Austin, the City of Laredo and Dallas County are expressing dismay over Arizona's SB 1070 in an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court, which will begin hearing the case April 25.... Read more»1


Life as an undocumented immigrant

What happens to undocumented immigrants after the passage of anti-immigrant state laws such as Arizona's SB 1070? Many studies have focused on the economic ramifications of such legislation, but little has been done on the effects these laws have on everyday life.... Read more»1

Groups say Obama budget harms trade, immigrants

The Texas Border Coalition is claiming that President Obama's budget proposal excludes funding to improve port infrastructure and increase staffing. Meanwhile, rights groups are balking at the proposed expansion of an immigration-enforcement policy they say is discriminatory.... Read more»

Napolitano tells sheriffs border security is priority

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano defended the government’s decision to funnel most of a federal border-security grant program to the southern border, telling a national sheriffs group Thursday that the government is “very serious” about stopping illegal traffic.... Read more»2

Latinos upset with Obama but back him over GOP

Despite Latinos' mounting disapproval of President Obama for his administration’s immigration policies, a majority of the demographic would still prefer to see him in the White House over his Republican challengers, according to a new study.... Read more»8

Arpaio investigation draws mixed reviews

When the government issued a report condemning Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "discriminatory" policing policies, some immigrant rights groups lauded it. Others are worried it was nothing more than a conveniently timed political ploy.... Read more»4

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