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Texas ban on 6-week abortions at brink of Supreme Court showdown

The Supreme Court will hear a consolidated and accelerated challenge Monday to what is nearly a complete ban abortion: a Texas law banning the procedure at six weeks, about a third of the standard set in precedent that turns on the viability of the fetus.... Read more»

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In exclusive jailhouse letter, Capitol riot defendant explains motives, remains boastful

The material obtained by ProPublica sheds light on the radicalization of a Jan. 6 defendant whom prosecutors have characterized as a “serious danger ... not only to his family and Congress, but to the entire system of justice.” ... Read more»

Ducey signs '2nd Amendment sanctuary' bill

Gov. Ducey signed a bill Tuesday evening that makes Arizona a “2nd Amendment sanctuary” and bars law enforcement agencies from enforcing federal gun control measures, ignoring a last-minute plea from gun control groups urging him to veto it.... Read more»

Amid pandemic, gun control advocates celebrate wins on NRA’s home turf

Taking time out from overseeing Virginia’s response to the pandemic, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam signed a slate of bills: requiring universal background checks on firearm purchases, restricting handgun purchases to one a month and allowing law enforcement to seize guns from people who may be a risk to themselves or others.... Read more»

Gun sales rose to record levels in March, as COVID-19 fears climbed

Arizona processed a record 82,771 background checks on would-be gun buyers in March, as fears of the coronavirus drove people to gun shops in what one shop owner called “panic time.” ... Read more»

Giffords report claims gun violence in Arizona costs state billions

A new report claims that Arizona loses as much as $1.9 billion every year to costs directly associated with gun violence, from lost wages to expenses on everything from health care to police and criminal justice. ... Read more»


Constitutionality of proposed firearms legislation

Tragic mass shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, and elsewhere have prompted renewed national interest in the federal regulation of firearms. In January 2013 President Barack Obama publicly announced support for three new legislative measures to regulate firearm ownership and sales. ... Read more»

FactChecking GOP response to Obama gun plan

The Republican response to President Barack Obama’s plan to reduce gun violence has been peppered with misleading claims. ... Read more»

Think again

The power of un-reality: Propaganda overwhelms public debate

Naturally, last week’s tragedy in Newtown has inspired a revival of America’s attempts to discuss the problem of gun control. What many people fail to consider when the nation is faced with such soul-searching tragedies (or natural catastrophes) is how much of our debate is predetermined by the ability of powerful interests.... Read more»1

Guns killed more Arizonans than cars

More Arizonans were killed in firearms-related incidents in 2009 than in motor vehicle crashes, a new study said. While 809 people died in vehicle crashes, there were 856 gun deaths, a state-by-state analysis showed. A local gun-rights activist dismissed the call for more gun control: "You want them to be dangerous or they're no damn good."... Read more»2

Federal bills would restrict shooting on public land

Federal officials are eyeing shooting restrictions on more than a million acres of public land, half of which are in Arizona, said Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Mesa, who wants to block the restrictions.... Read more»

Carrying concealed weapons keeps getting easier

Seven years after Ohio first allowed citizens to carry concealed weapons, more than a quarter-million Ohioans have concealed carry permits. People debate the impact, although the fact that the identity of the permit holders is off limits to the general public makes that tough.... Read more»

A 'hero’ in Giffords’ shooting testifies for tougher gun laws

A Tucson resident who was hailed as a hero in the Jan. 8 shooting that killed six people and seriously injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, called on Senate lawmakers Tuesday to pass stricter gun laws.... Read more»1

Brewer vetoes birther, campus gun bills

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a bill Monday that would have required presidential candidates to provide their birth certificates to appear on the ballot, one that would have allowed guns to be carried on school grounds, and another that would have set up a health care compact with other states. (with documents)... Read more»8

Guest opinion

Looser gun laws don't always mean tighter grasp on liberties

Arizona recently loosened its restrictions on carrying a concealed weapon. But owning and bearing arms, with or without a hall pass, is no substitute for the vigilance required to participate in government.... Read more»


Texas approves conservative changes to state curriculum

The Texas Board of Education has approved broad changes to its curriculum, emphasizing conservative political and economic values to its students.... Read more»

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