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Photos: Paul Ingram's picks for TucsonSentinel.com's best pictures of 2020

A few photographs that told some of this year's important local stories — the Bighorn Fire, the COVID-19 pandemic, the Scott Warren/No More Deaths trial, deaths in Tucson police custody, and the continuing border wall construction.... Read more»

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Border Patrol again raids Arizona border humanitarian camp, arrests 19

Border Patrol agents arrested 19 people at a No More Deaths camp near Arivaca, Ariz., on Monday evening as they served a search warrant on the humanitarian aid base, officials said.... Read more»

More than 30 arrested as Border Patrol executes federal warrant at No More Deaths camp

In a sunset raid Friday, dozens of Border Patrol agents used a helicopter and armored personnel carrier as they raided a No More Deaths camp near Arivaca, Ariz., arresting more than three dozen people who were receiving medical care, food, water and shelter. ... Read more»


Feds drop case against No More Deaths volunteer Scott Warren

Prosecutors dropped the only remaining charge against Scott Warren, ending the misdemeanor case against the No More Deaths volunteer just months after the government's attempt to charge him with two felonies case collapsed in November. ... Read more»

Judge reverses convictions of 4 No More Deaths volunteers

A federal judge reversed the convictions of four members of No More Deaths, finding that they successfully established they were exercising "sincere religious beliefs" when they placed water and food for migrants in an Arizona wildlife refuge in 2017.... Read more»2

The most important border stories of 2019

For much of 2019, the borderlands endured the fallout from decisions made years earlier, as the Trump administration pursued the Migrant Protection Protocols, attempted—and failed—to prosecute a humanitarian volunteer for harboring two men in the country illegally, and continued to pursue the president's quixotic promise to build a wall along the southwestern border. ... Read more»

Warren trial

Scott Warren found not guilty by jury in No More Deaths case

The second federal felony trial of Scott Warren, a No More Deaths volunteer accused of harboring illegal immigrants in Arizona's western desert in 2018, continued Wednesday with closing arguments as both prosecutors and defense attorneys worked to convince the jury before they began their deliberations. ... Read more»

No More Deaths trial

Scott Warren tells jury he's part of neutral effort to 'alleviate suffering' in desert

Update: Scott Warren, a No More Deaths volunteer accused of harboring illegal immigrants in Arizona's western desert, testified in his own defense Tuesday, telling a federal jury he was working to "alleviate suffering" during a "humanitarian crisis."... Read more»

Warren trial

Defense makes case for Scott Warren providing care to migrants; aid volunteer's 2nd trial continues

On the fourth day of Warren's re-trial, defense experts laid out the legal protocols and medical necessity of caring for migrants, while two No More Deaths volunteers described their work in Arizona's desert.... Read more»

Prosecution rests, defense begins in 3rd day of re-trial of Scott Warren

On the third day of trial of No More Deaths volunteer Scott Warren, prosecutors wrapped up with video depositions and an expert in cellphone data, and the defense team began laying out the case for humanitarian aid in the desert.... Read more»

Warren trial

Border agents testify against Scott Warren in 2nd day of re-trial of migrant aid volunteer

Two Border Patrol agents testified that their raid on a building used as a staging area for No More Deaths in Ajo was sparked by Scott Warren standing outside with two undocumented men and pointing toward a series of mountains to the north.... Read more»

Prosecutors: Scott Warren 'harbored, concealed & shielded' 2 men from Border Patrol

The second trial of No More Deaths volunteer Scott Warren began Tuesday, with prosecutors asserting he harbored two men in the country illegally, while defense attorneys argued that the government’s case was built on “false assumptions” about his intent.... Read more»

Defense: Trial ban on talking about Trump would violate Scott Warren's rights

Defense attorneys for Scott Warren, the No More Deaths volunteer who faces a second trial next week, argued that a proposed prohibition on speaking about President Trump would violate his constitutional rights.... Read more»

Scott Warren trial

Mentions of Trump, administration policies 'unfairly prejudicial' argue prosecutors in harboring case

Federal prosecutors filed a motion Thursday asking the court to block Scott Warren—a No More Deaths volunteer charged two counts of human smuggling–from talking about the Trump administration or its policies during his trial, arguing that allowing him to do so would be "unfairly prejudicial." ... Read more»

As Scott Warren retrial nears, judge orders lawyer for volunteer nurse in migrant harboring case

As Scott Warren — a No More Deaths volunteer charged with two counts of human smuggling — again faces trial, the judge has assigned a lawyer for a volunteer nurse who works with the humanitarian group, in one of several rulings issued Monday morning. ... Read more»1

Migrants' bodies found near Ajo & Arivaca; Officials left other remains in desert cave for 16 months

Humanitarian volunteers found the remains of up to four people in the Southern Arizona desert this weekend, while another set of remains reported in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument remained untouched by authorities for more than a year.... Read more»

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