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Should my child get the COVID-19 vaccine? 7 questions answered by a pediatric infectious disease expert

Dr. Debbie-Ann Shirley, an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Virginia specializing in pediatric infectious diseases, addresses some of the concerns parents may have about their teen or preteen getting the COVID-19 vaccine.... Read more»

Arizona school yard: Officials welcome new 3-foot rule for COVID-safe students

Arizona school and health officials welcomed Friday’s announcement that COVID-safe social distancing for students can be reduced from 6 feet to 3, but they did not appear to be rushing to embrace the lower standard. Arizona Education Department spokesperson Richie Taylor said the revision came at an awkward time for Arizona schools, many of whom reopened this week or are preparing to do so after their spring breaks end Monday.... Read more»

Many Arizona schools reopen for in-person instruction

Schools across the state reopened Monday, and many were offering in-person instruction for the first time since being shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic last year. Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman expressed confidence that things will get back on track for students this year. “But by and large, the majority of our schools across the state will be offering in-person, either starting today, starting next week or by the end of March,” Hoffman said in an interview with KTAR News Monday.... Read more»

Congress clears giant $1.9T pandemic aid package for Biden’s signature

A sweeping $1.9 trillion pandemic aid package is headed to President Joe Biden’s desk after the U.S. House passed the latest pandemic relief measure Wednesday on a party-line vote. The massive bill includes a new round of $1,400 direct checks for many Americans, as well as an extension of expanded unemployment checks to assist people whose jobs vanished in the past year of shutdowns and lockdowns. ... Read more»

According to science, it's not time to return to normal

A blog post by conservative talk show host Buck Sexton claims scientific evidence shows that right now we should “open the schools, stop wearing masks outside, and everyone at low risk should start living normal lives.” Public health experts disagreed, stating science does not support the idea that the time is right. That would allow the virus to continue to spread and have a large human cost in hospitalizations and deaths.... Read more»