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Arizona teachers union calls for $1.7 billion in new school funding

With legislators still undecided on how to spend the record $5.3 billion dollar budget surplus, the Arizona Education Association, the state’s largest teacher’s union, is demanding massive increases in education funding.... Read more»

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Last-minute K-12 funding overhaul clears Arizona House committee

An eleventh-hour proposal that would make sweeping changes to how Arizona schools are funded won Republican approval on a legislative panel Monday, despite the devastating budget cuts that critics say many schools will face if it becomes law. ... Read more»

As nurses quit, states seek to train more

For more than two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed both the importance of nurses and strain on the workforce, and under pressure from short-staffed hospitals and burned-out nurses, lawmakers in several states recently passed bills designed to expand nursing schools.... Read more»

El Senado de Arizona revoca gastos y recorta $1.2 mil millones de las escuelas públicas

Los senadores de Arizona autorizaron el lunes la anulación de un tope de gasto en educación que habría impedido el desembolso de $1.2 mil millones que ya están en las arcas escolares. ... Read more»

No Republican candidates for Arizona governor are calling for school cuts to be stopped

Arizona's Republican gubernatorial hopefuls aren't voicing any support for legislation to avert nearly $1.2 billion in education cuts this school year. ... Read more»

Bipartisan measures aim to increase Arizona school spending cap, avoid $1.2B in education cuts

Bipartisan proposals to fend off the threat of nearly $1.2 billion in mid-year funding cuts for Arizona schools were introduced Monday, just two weeks ahead of the March 1 deadline to act before schools are forced to layoff staff and face shutting down. ... Read more»

Nearly $1.2 billion at risk for Arizona public schools if Legislature fails to override cap

The clock is running out for state legislators to override a cap on spending that would prohibit Arizona public school districts from disbursing nearly $1.2 billion that’s already been approved by the Legislature and budgeted. ... Read more»

Hoffman implores Az lawmakers to lift K-12 school spending cap to spare $1.1B in cuts

Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman used her annual State of Education address to urge Arizona lawmakers to raise a constitutional spending limit on K-12 schools before they face major budget cuts in a few weeks. ... Read more»

Ducey defends use of Arizona school funding in face of feds’ threat to reclaim it

Gov. Doug Ducey said Thursday that the state’s use of money to support schools that reject mask mandates is “well within” federal guidelines for the funds, despite a Treasury Department threat to take the money back - but Arizona educators said the governor needs to back down.... Read more»

Report: Census undercount may have missed 1.6 million in U.S., 48,000 in Arizona

The 2020 Census - particularly challenging with the COVID-19 pandemic and a heated political climate - may have missed more than 1.6 million Americans, about 48,000 of them in Arizona, with the undercount disproportionately falling on minority groups.... Read more»

Why 2021 could be the start of a radical change in how Washington influences local schools

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona is urging Congress to approve $103 billion in new budget authority for the Department of Education - what could become a steady stream that’s nearly impossible to take back, meaning a huge change in federal control over local schools.... Read more»

The federal government gave billions to America’s schools for COVID-19 relief. Where did the money go?

After the pandemic shut down schools, the federal government provided about $190 billion in aid to help them respond to the effects of the pandemic - but in the year and a half since, the Education Department has done only limited tracking of how the money has been spent.... Read more»

White House plan would let Arizona schools skirt Ducey's ban on mask mandates

Gov. Doug Ducey’s threat to withhold funding from schools that impose mask mandates took a severe hit Thursday, when the White House said local school districts can apply directly to the federal government “to restore funding withheld by state leaders.” ... Read more»

Despite Arizona court ruling, education advocates say Prop. 208 can have a 'long life'

Backers of the Invest in Education Act say the voter-approved tax hike on the rich to increase teacher pay and boost school funding has a future, despite last week’s Arizona Supreme Court ruling that the spending plan is likely unconstitutional.... Read more»

Arizona Supreme Court won’t block Prop 208 tax increase for school funding — for now

The Arizona Supreme Court refused to block a voter-approved tax hike on the state’s top earners, rejecting a challenge brought by Republican lawmakers and a local business, who argued that the tax violated the state constitution.... Read more»

Az GOP lawmakers pass sweeping tax cuts after limiting debate

The Arizona House of Representatives passed large swaths of the state budget package Thursday, including a sweeping tax plan, a prohibition on COVID-19 vaccination requirements in public universities and rules for printing ballots with watermarks and holographic foil as "anti-fraud measures." .... Read more»

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