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Which books do conservatives want to use as kindling?

In recent months, a growing number of school boards in red states have been calling for the removal of literature from library and classroom shelves - here's some of the provocateurs of prose up for conservative kindling, and a range of grievances.... Read more»

Quarantine and tracing rules are all over the map for students

The number and complexity of school quarantine policies have left parents with the impression there is little rhyme or reason in quarantining - a frequent complaint when districts in the same county, under the purview of the same public health officials, are handling it differently.... Read more»

FBI to investigate threats made against school board members, teachers

The Department of Justice has directed the FBI to meet with local governments and law enforcement to discuss strategies for dealing with increasing threats to teachers and school board members spurred by a conservative backlash against discussions of race in public schools.... Read more»