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'Pseudo Satellite' plane completes test in Arizona desert, worries privacy advocates

A new breed of aircraft that flies in the stratosphere just completed a set of tests in the Arizona desert, breaking new records and worrying privacy advocates about what the aircraft may hold for the future. ... Read more»

Mexico set to become world leader in automation tech

While most of the world outside Mexico has largely focused on the sensational topics of drug violence and “migrant caravans” in recent decades, NASA and the private sector have kept a keen eye on what Mexican engineers have been achieving in labs across the country. ... Read more»

Why a little country like Paraguay is launching a space program

Think about the future of space travel for one moment. Chances are Paraguay did not come even remotely to mind. But now this little, landlocked South American country is determined to put itself on the intergalactic map. ... Read more»


How Russia could strangle the U.S. space program

Think Russia has no way to put pressure on the United States? Think again. If you use a cellphone, have a GPS system in your car, or get cash from ATMs, you should be worried.... Read more»

Lawmakers complain about monopoly space launch deal

The top house intelligence committee lawmakers say the Air Force is about to spend too much on one of its favorite contractors.... Read more»

Comic: North Korea

Pyongyang, we have a problem

North Korea's attempt to launch a satellite (and test its long-range missile delivery capability) failed miserably Thursday when the rocket exploded not long after launch.... Read more»

Solar storm hits Earth after huge flare

A solar storm is hitting Earth on Tuesday following a huge solar flare eruption Sunday that sent radiation hurtling towards our planet. The resulting geomagnetic storm, the biggest since 2005, could disrupt GPS and satellite communications, although the threat is said to be low.... Read more»