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Tucson man gets 30 months for smuggling people in rented water truck near Sasabe

A Tucson-area man was sentenced to 30 months in prison last week after he pleaded guilty in federal court to transporting people illegally and placing their life in jeopardy during an incident last summer. ... Read more»

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U.S. citizen arrested with 26 migrants hidden in water truck near Sasabe

A U.S. citizen is facing multiple charges of human smuggling after he attempted to sneak 26 people into the United States inside a rented water truck near Sasabe, southwest of Tucson, in mid-June. ... Read more»

Rapid migrant expulsions strain Mexican border community

This year Border Patrol agents have used a CDC public health order to rapidly expel thousands of migrants into Mexican border towns such as Sasabe, Sonora, which has little resources and infrastructure for migrants.... Read more»

Sheriff IDs 2 men killed when driver fled Border Patrol south of Tucson

Authorities have released the names of two Mexican men who were killed when a driver crashed while being pursued by Border Patrol agents earlier this week near Arivaca, Ariz.... Read more»

200 migrants turn themselves in to Border Patrol near Sasabe

More than 200 people, including families traveling with children, surrendered to Border Patrol agents Saturday night in five separate groups near Sasabe, Ariz.... Read more»

Trump's Interior secretary in Arizona: 'Clearly, we're going to build a wall'

"Clearly, we're going to build a wall," Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said in Arizona during his first tour along the U.S.-Mexico border, but he said he will listen to experts to "mitigate" the effects of border barriers. ... Read more»

CBP: Dirt thrown in agent's face during arrest near Sasabe

A 22-year-old Mexican man will face charges for assaulting a Border Patrol agent after he threw dirt in the agent's face during an arrest near Highway 286, about 58 miles southwest of Tucson, on Friday morning. ... Read more»

Arivaca residents now monitoring second Border Patrol checkpoint

A group of Arivaca residents have expanded their monitoring of Border Patrol checkpoints to SR 286, just north of the Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge. Activists set up just north of the checkpoint with binoculars, video cameras and clipboards to record the interactions between agents and people driving north.... Read more»

CBP: Get I-94s early for Easter travel

U.S. Customs and Border Protection updates travelers to the U.S. on spring conditions including holidays and online options.... Read more»

Few details on Sunday's fatal shooting by Border Patrol

A Border Patrol agent shot and killed a suspected illegal immigrant northwest of the Sasabe port of entry early Sunday afternoon, authorities said. The shooting happened after a physical altercation, BP officials said Tuesday following media inquiries, but few details were released on the incident.... Read more»

Border Patrol

Agents rescue illegal immigrant from desert

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents rescued a Guatemalan man found face-down and unconscious in the desert north of Sasabe on Saturday.... Read more»1

Border Patrol wrapup: Gang member arrested

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended a man from El Salvador on Tuesday who has affiliations to the Mara Salvatrucha street gang.... Read more»

Border Patrol wrapup: Man rescued from fall near canyon

Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue agents find three people stranded in the desert and Tucson agents rescue a man after a fall near Presumido Canyon on Wednesday.... Read more»

Border Patrol wrapup

A summary of Border Patrol activities in the Tucson Sector over the past few days.... Read more»

On the road to the United States

A video tour of the road illegal immigrants take from Altar, south of the border, north to Sasabe and the United States.... Read more»

Border crime

Illegal crossers reportedly beat robbers, killing one

A group of illegal border crossers, frustrated at being robbed a second time, say they beat two men, killing one, deputies say.... Read more»

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