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What the Devil won't tell you

Prop. 205's demise can't keep us from considering humanity in migrant questions

How to follow up the defeat of Tucson's "sanctuary city" measure is a worthwhile discussion because Donald Trump is testing our collective decency by modeling viciousness towards immigrants as a new American virtue.... Read more»

Democrats sweep Tucson mayor, Council election; 'Sanctuary City' fails

All four of Tucson Democratic candidates were handily winning Tuesday, taking three City Council seats and elevating Regina Romero to become the city's first woman and first Latina mayor. Prop. 205, the "sanctuary city" initiative, was losing 71-29. ... Read more»2

9th Circuit: Trump's DOJ can't block grants to sanctuary cities

A 9th Circuit panel sided with a federal judge Thursday, upholding a decision to bar the Justice Department from imposing special conditions on policing grants for cities that refuse to help federal authorities detain and deport undocumented immigrants.... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Sanctuary City: Prop. 205 and the emptiness of the status quo

"Only in a time as myopic and jaded as ours would so many people think the status quo is something worth defending." — Joel Feinman, an organizer of Tucson's 'sanctuary city' initiative.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Tucson's 'Sanctuary City' backers fall for lawsuit trap

If Tucson city staff engaged in electioneering about Prop. 205, that would violate state law. On the other hand, suing over it violates the first rule of political campaigns: "Keep voters' eyes off your opponents' message."... Read more»

Sanctuary City backers sue, claim Tucson officials illegally 'electioneering'

Claiming that Tucson officials are illegally “electioneering” to urge “no” votes on the initiative, backers of the Prop. 205 “Sanctuary City” measure filed suit Wednesday.... Read more»1

El Chisme

Too many F (Anns) dropped; Mayor reveals true 5 T's of Tucson

Unmasking a 30-year cover-up (what is F. Ann Rodriguez's first name, anyway?) and who jumps in to take her place? Plus: Revealed: Mayor Rothschild drops the real 5 T's of Tucson, and a great many more rumors and real truths.... Read more»

'Sanctuary city' initiative heading to Tucson voters as backers submit petitions

After months of work, organizers for an initiative to make Tucson a "sanctuary city," said Wednesday that they submitted some 17,000 signatures, nearly double the number they need to get the initiative on November's ballot. ... Read more»5

As Trump goes into office, Tucson protestors push for 'sanctuary city' declaration

Following the inauguration of President Donald Trump on Friday, around 200 people marked the occasion by marching to Tucson's City Hall, demanding the mayor and City Council declare Tucson a "sanctuary city," which includes issuing municipal IDs for unauthorized immigrants, refusing to work with immigration officials, and setting up a legal fund.... Read more»