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Trump administration sues California over laws shielding immigrants

The Justice Department is suing California, alleging constitutional violations in that three state laws enacted this past year that limit cooperation with federal immigration officials to protect immigrants.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Magnus: Sessions’s anti-immigrant policies will make cities more dangerous

In an opinion piece published in the New York Times, Tucson's police chief said Trump administration policies meant to punish so-called "sanctuary cities" serve to interfere with the ability of local law enforcement to police communities.... Read more»

Judge permanently blocks Trump move to withhold funds from 'sanctuary cities'

A federal judge has ruled that the Trump administration's order forcing cities to comply with immigration officials or lose funding is “unconstitutional on its face” and blocked the White House from enforcing the policy nationwide. ... Read more»

Photos: DACA protesters at Tucson City Hall

A day after the Trump administration announced the wind-down of DACA, hundreds of people rallied here to show their support for the program, and shouted down Mayor Jonathan Rothschild with calls for Tucson to become a "sanctuary city." ... Read more»

House passes bills aimed at crimes committed by illegal immigrants

The House passed immigration bills Thursday that Republicans promised would take criminal immigrants “off the street,” but Democrats said would do little for public safety while having a “chilling effect” on immigrant communities.... Read more»1

Will small 'sanctuary cities’ defy a Trump crackdown?

Smaller cities and counties may not be as willing to remain “sanctuaries” for undocumented immigrants as big cities such as Chicago and New York who have vowed to defy the Trump administration.... Read more»

Court's immigration ruling could affect Texas 'sanctuary city' debate

A decision last month by a federal judge in Illinois undercutting a major tool the federal government uses to deport criminal immigrants could ripple across the country, changing how local jails hold people thought to be in the country illegally.... Read more»

Jury still out on local immigration enforcement in Tx

A federal court on Wednesay upheld a lower court’s decision that a city ordinance banning illegal immigrants from renting housing in a Dallas suburb was unconstitutional.... Read more»

Texas authorities warned to comply with 'sanctuary cities' bill

Like parents threatening to withhold allowance from a misbehaving child, proponents of Texas' Republican-backed sanctuary cities bill are warning local authorities across the state: Comply with the bill or face the fiscal consequences.... Read more»2

Texas passes bill echoing Arizona's SB 1070

In what sounds like Texas' version of SB 1070, that state's police will be allowed to inquire about the immigration status of any person arrested or legally detained under legislation passed by the Texas Senate early Wednesday morning.... Read more»

Texas Senate approves major immigration bill

The Texas Senate approved what some lawmakers called the most significant piece of homeland security legislation filed this session, a measure civil liberty groups worry is a major encroachment on civil rights.... Read more»