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U.S. to ban imports of Russian oil as war in Ukraine rages

President Joe Biden announced a U.S. ban Tuesday on the import of Russian oil and natural gas, acceding to pressure by Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky and a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers on the Hill. ... Read more»

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Here’s what you need to know about Russia, Ukraine and your oil and gas

As Russia began its invasion of Ukraine last week, one of the first barometers of what the fallout might mean economically for the rest of the world was registered by the oil market as the price of brent crude oil jumped to $105/barrel for a while, its first appearance over $100 since 2014.... Read more»

Bombs hit Ukrainian cities as Russian economy sinks

The shelling of Ukrainian cities intensified on Monday as Ukraine and Russia exchanged accusations about war crimes and blamed each other for starting a war that has brought the world to the brink of a global catastrophe. ... Read more»

Russians in Arizona look on with dismay, sadness at invasion of Ukraine

Russian immigrants and longtime Arizona residents react with sadness and embarrassment for Russia as weeks of Russian aggression and "political games" culminated in Thursday’s invasion of Ukraine.... Read more»

New U.S. sanctions on Russia target banks, high-tech imports

The United States and Western allies stepped up economic sanctions on Russia, limiting Russia’s ability to use international currency while freezing roughly $1 trillion in assets held by Russian banks and also halting U.S. exports to Russia of products used for high-tech industries.... Read more»

Before any U.S. troops are sent to Ukraine, some in Congress want a say

U.S. Reps. Peter DeFazio of Oregon, a Democrat, and Warren Davidson of Ohio, a Republican, are leading a broad, bipartisan coalition of lawmakers urging the president to not send U.S. troops into Ukraine, or declare war, before receiving authorization from Congress. ... Read more»

Members of Congress from both parties urge tough sanctions on Russia

Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress on Tuesday called on President Joe Biden to impose severe sanctions on Russia after the country declared a broad section of eastern Ukraine independent before sending troops into the region. ... Read more»

Biden announces tranche of new sanctions against Russia in response to Ukraine invasion

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces led U.S. President Joe Biden to declare robust diplomatic sanctions against the Kremlin, while Germany had agreed to suspend the certification process for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that was to bring natural gas from Russia.... Read more»

Ukraine & Russia conflict: 5 essential reads

To help understand the background of Russian President Vladimir Putin's claim that all of Ukraine belongs to Russia, here are five stories about the centuries-long bad blood between Ukraine and Russia, manifested in everything from religion to political ideology.... Read more»

McCain, Flake face light questioning in chummy confirmation hearing

Cindy McCain, whose late husband served more than 30 years in the Senate, and former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, who served on Foreign Relations, faced light questioning during their confirmation hearing to be ambassadors to the United Nations food programs and to Turkey, respectively.... Read more»

Quick take

McSally on sanctions vs. Russia, Iran, N. Korea: 'These countries are dangerous'

"Iran, Russia and North Korea are our top adversaries — threatening our national security, disrupting global stability, and defying the principles of freedom, justice, and equality that America stands to protect."... Read more»

Flake joins congressional delegation to Cuba, agenda under wraps

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, long a proponent of less-restrictive relations with Cuba, is visiting the communist nation this week as part of a seven-member congressional delegation.... Read more»

McCain wants U.S. sanctions against Myanmar lifted

In a speech at Washington, D.C.'s Center for Strategic and International Studies, Sen. John McCain advocated suspending — not permanently removing — almost all American sanctions against Myanmar. ... Read more»

Obama: Man in plot had 'direct link' to Iranian gov't

President Barack Obama said Thursday that the Iranian-American charged in a plot to murder the Saudi ambassador to the United States "had direct links, was paid by, and directed by individuals in the Iranian government," The New York Times reports.... Read more»

Syria: EU sanctions amount to declaration of war

A defiant Syria says European Union sanctions against it amount to war and is warning that it will not tolerate any foreign interference in its internal affairs.... Read more»

Nuclear program

Will sanctions work on Iran this time around?

Having failed to talk Iran out of its nuclear program the Obama administration has ramped up efforts to get the Security Council to endorse a new round of sanctions. ... Read more»

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