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Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Cities fear state will cut off revenue stream

An interview with Duane Blumberg, Mayor of Sahuarita. Then, the Reporters' Roundtable features Mark B. Evans, administrator of TucsonCitizen.com, and Dan Shearer, editor of the Green Valley News. Plus, the Weekend Watch.... Read more»

Voter registration deadline Monday for Marana, Sahuarita & South Tucson

Marana, Sahuarita, and South Tucson must register by Monday to vote in the March 12 election that will see ballot questions in Marana and South Tucson and council primaries in all three locations.... Read more»

New lawmaker profile: Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon

One of a series of biographical sketches on new members of the Arizona State Legislature.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Sahuarita strives to be economic player

Today on Buckmaster - The Friday Focus with Sahuarita Mayor Duane Blumberg. Then the Reporters' Roundtable with Tucson Weekly's Jimmy Boegle and Green Valley News' Dan Shearer, and Tucson's Culinary Cruiser Matt Russell.... Read more»

Sahuarita seeking appointee for Town Council

Sahuarita is accepting applications from those interested in being appointed to the Town Council. Phillip Conklin resigned at the end of last year; the appointee will fill his seat through the town's regular election in 2013.... Read more»

Bridge work to close I-19 lane Thursday

Work on a bridge in the Sahuarita area will close a northbound lane of Interstate 19 on Thursday, the Arizona Department of Transportation said.... Read more»

Az growers prepare for pecan harvest

While millions of people are getting ready to enjoy pecan pies for Thanksgiving, Sahuarita farmer Richard Walden and his crews at Farmers Investment Co. are getting ready for the upcoming holiday by preparing for their annual pecan harvest.... Read more»

Titan Missile Museum volunteers keep history alive

"Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine" is a toxic compound used in making rocket fuel. Bob Darcangelo is no rocket scientist, but he can recite the name of the compound without a stutter. Darcangelo, who was a crew commander at this site when it was still active, has spent more than 1,700 hours volunteering at the Titan Missile Museum.... Read more»

Education budget

Marana, Flowing Wells voters reject budget overrides, Sahuarita gets go-ahead

School budget override results were mixed in Tuesday’s consolidated elections. Sahaurita voters approved a budget increase, but Marana and Flowing Wells residents defeated their districts' requests for more funding.... Read more»

Braking with tradition

I-19 metric-to-miles switch doesn't measure up for some

A backlash has put the brakes on a plan to replace old metric signs with signage in miles. "The kilometers make it a little unique to this part of the country," says Don Herk. "It's something that's become part of my life."... Read more»

City of Tucson

Text of Mayor Walkup's 'State of the City' speech

Text of Mayor Walkup's 'State of the City' address, as prepared for delivery. "For generations, men and women from all over the world have chosen Tucson to be their home. They choose Tucson for jobs, health, military service, climate, culture, safety, education and inspiration."... Read more»

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