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Saguaro National Park to use seasonal herbicide against fire-prone buffelgrass

Starting next Tuesday, Saguaro National Park will begin spraying herbicide to limit the spread of invasive buffelgrass. No park closures are expected due to the seasonal work against the fire-prone plant.... Read more»2

Guest opinion

Biden's America the Beautiful Plan will help ensure national parks are protected, accessible

I served the National Park Service for 30 years and I have seen the impacts of climate change. From melting glaciers and dying trees, to rising tides and more intense wildfires, our national parks are on the front lines. At Saguaro National Park, near my home in Tucson, climate change has greatly impacted the establishment of new saguaros to replace older and dying ones.... Read more»

Myth is reality: Discovery of bald eagles nesting in saguaro confirms longtime speculation

For eight decades, biologists have speculated that bald eagles build their nests in large saguaros. This week, the Arizona Game & Fish Department announced the discovery of the first bald eagle nest in a saguaro since before World War II.... Read more»


Despite climate threats, landscape may shelter some saguaros

A study of saguaros on Tucson's Tumamoc Hill using a half-century of data may help researchers understand how topography may help some of the Sonoran Desert's iconic giants endure a hotter, drier future. ... Read more»

Will Arizona’s saguaros survive drought, climate change?

The Sonoran Desert's famed cacti are struggling to cope with climate change and prolonged drought by reproducing less frequently. This worrisome downtick could signal the state’s saguaros are in decline.... Read more»

Century-old national park saguaro blasted with shotgun

A 100-150-year-old towering cactus in Saguaro National Park was recently shot up multiple times, and authorities are asking the public for help finding the vandal. The protected plant is not expected to survive. ... Read more»

Marana man fined $10k for destroying saguaros on Ironwood Nat'l Monument

A Marana resident, John Rahe, has been sentenced to one year of probation and fined $10,000 by a federal judge for running over saguaros and dozens of other plants, and toppling another of the iconic cacti on the Ironwood Forest National Monument northwest of Tucson. ... Read more»

Reward offered in slashing of 9 Tucson saguaros

Federal officials are offering a reward for information about the vandal who cut down iconic cacti in Saguaro National Park, and damaged other protected plants — including a saguaro that could be hundreds of years old. A young man was seen waving swords near the site, and likely injured himself, authorities said. ... Read more»

9 saguaros vandalized in Tucson national park

After several of Southern Arizona's iconic cacti, including one that could be hundreds of years old, were hacked apart this weekend, authorities are asking for the public's help in identifying the vandals. Two smaller plants in Saguaro National Park were chopped down, with others deeply slashed. ... Read more»1

Cactus rustlers focus of Saguaro Nat'l Park tagging plan

In a new move to protect the state’s iconic plant, Saguaro National Park plans to monitor cactus nurseries to prevent the buying and selling of stolen saguaros from the park. ... Read more»