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Why Az high court let Pearce recall proceed

Arizona's state Supreme Court released a ruling Monday, explaining why it let the recall election of now-ex Sen. Russell Pearce move forward. (with full text of decision)... Read more»4

Smart v. Stupid

The day the Tea Party died

The political news last week weaves a single narrative—the decline of the Tea Party. Whether in Tucson's elections or the GOP race to pick a presidential nominee, the right wing is on the ropes.... Read more»4


78% of Arizonans favor path to citizenship for undocumented

Arizonans overwhelmingly favor a comprehensive approach to immigration policies – secure borders and enforcement, coupled with a possible pathway to citizenship for undocumented residents, according to a new statewide poll.... Read more»6

Pearce loses Senate seat to Lewis in recall

Mesa voters chose to replace Arizona's State Senate President Russell Pearce with Republican Jerry Lewis in a recall election over Pearce's stance on illegal immigration.... Read more»6

Guest opinion

Redistricting: Ouster of Mathis not what it appears

Many of us weren't following the run-up to the firing of IRC chair Colleen Mathis. The current legislative leadership can't stand that something, somewhere goes on without their control. Charges and counter-charges aside, that's what this really comes down to. ... Read more»

Bachmann: Federal gov't has failed Az

Arizona’s SB 1070 and other tough state laws on illegal immigration address what the federal government should be doing on the issue, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said Monday.... Read more»2

Local First Arizona

Giving local firms an edge in state contracts could aid Az

Dollars spent with local businesses have a far greater impact on Arizona’s economy, tax revenues and jobs, and that applies even when state government puts out contracts for bid, the head of a small-business group said Friday.... Read more»

Commerce Authority head Cardon getting big raise from taxpayers

Taxpayers are giving Don Cardon a big raise to move from head of the now-defunct state Department of Commerce to president and CEO of the new Arizona Commerce Authority.... Read more»

Spotlight on Mormons as Flake, Cardon vie for Senate seat

It’s been known for months that Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Mesa, would seek the Senate seat being vacated by GOP Sen. Jon Kyl. But when Mesa businessman Wil Cardon announced Friday that he will also run for Kyl’s seat, Mormons suddenly had the two frontrunners in the race.... Read more»2

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Pearce recall heats up

Randy Parraz provides an update on the efforts to recall Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce. ... Read more»

Immigration activist Tancredo backing Pearce in recall

Tom Tancredo, a former U.S. representative from Colorado known for his opposition to illegal immigration, is backing state Sen. Russell Pearce in his recall election.... Read more»2

Phx chamber leader: Immigration law jumble harms business

A Phoenix business leader warned Tuesday that businesses will continue to suffer from the jumbled approach to immigration issues by states, unless the federal government steps in. (with video)... Read more»


Right-wing group brings together pols & corps to write 'model bills'

This week, both the Los Angeles Times and The Nation put the spotlight on a little-known conservative nonprofit that creates "model" state legislation that often make its way into law. The organization has helped craft some of the most controversial—and industry-friendly—legislation of recent years, including Arizona's SB 1070.... Read more»

Brewer to ask Supreme Court to lift SB 1070 injunction

Gov. Jan Brewer will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to lift an injunction that prevents the enforcement of much of Arizona's controversial SB 1070 immigration law.... Read more»

Brewer vetoes birther, campus gun bills

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a bill Monday that would have required presidential candidates to provide their birth certificates to appear on the ballot, one that would have allowed guns to be carried on school grounds, and another that would have set up a health care compact with other states. (with documents)... Read more»8

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