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Legislative roundup: Women, fake news and money

Wednesday was International Women’s Day and it was clear across the capitol who supported it and who didn’t. Some women across the world took the day to strike, wear red and blue, or not buy anything, while others kept their nose to the ground. Women packed both the House and Senate galleries.... Read more»

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Ron Paul launching media channel

Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul is launching a new self-titled media channel that will be available in high definition for television and online services, according to a website promotion.... Read more»

Video: Ron Paul's farewell speech

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, delivered his farewell speech to Congress from the House floor on Wednesday, saying "Our Constitution has failed."... Read more»

Think again

Our trivial political media, continued...

Politico rarely does anything to illuminate the issues, clarify the questions facing voters, or even shed much light on the characters of the respective candidates—any of which is usually the justification for such contentless coverage.... Read more»

The Sandbox

Sandbox: Talking Ron Paul, Paul Ryan & RNC

In this week's Sandbox, local politicos Ted Prezelski and Sam Stone give the nitty-gritty on the Republican convention and anything else that crosses their minds. Will Ron Paul's followers take their ball and go home?... Read more»

Three Az GOP delegates break ranks, vote for Ron Paul

There was an elephant in the room at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, and his name was Ron Paul. Despite pleas from the stage for party unity, three of Arizona’s 29 delegates voted for Paul, joining 187 others who bucked the party and refused to vote for Romney.... Read more»3

Rain halts convention, but doesn’t stop GOP conventioneers

The politicking went on as usual Monday for Arizona delegates at the Republican National Convention, despite some events being canceled because of the weather. ... Read more»1

Supporters blast treatment of Ron Paul at GOP convention

Tampa is the end of the road for Ron Paul’s presidential hopes, but his die-hard supporters aren’t going quietly into the night.... Read more»

Ron Paul ending active campaigning for president

Republican presidential candidate and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul announced in a statement released Monday announced that he would stop campaigning in states that have not yet voted.... Read more»

Ron Paul is really serious about transparency

He may be in last place when it comes to delegates, but when it comes to filing expense reports with the Federal Election Commission, Ron Paul beats everyone.... Read more»1

Romney picks up endorsements ahead of Wis. primary

Mitt Romney picked up another key endorsement as the latest polls show him leading by up to 10 points in Tuesday's Wisconsin primary.... Read more»

Romney rolls, Santorum stumbles into Louisiana

Mitt Romney headed into Saturday’s Louisiana primary boasting the highest approval ratings of any Republican since polling for this election cycle began in November.... Read more»


Mitt Romney's Southern defeat

It could have been the awkward “y’alls” that did it, or the forced references to “cheesy grits,” but the South roundly rejected former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney Tuesday night.... Read more»

Super Tuesday brings super PAC spending milestone

Heading into Super Tuesday, spending by super PACs aligned with presidential candidates surpassed spending by all super PACs in the 2010 mid-term election.... Read more»


Romney's Super Tuesday wins half-hearted

Turnout was so light for Super Tuesday, the vote appears less than convincing.... Read more»

A guide to the top 10 super PAC donors

Millions of dollars are flowing to super PACs. Exactly who is donating, and what do they want?... Read more»

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