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How the Trump fake elector scheme fizzled in four states

Part of Donald Trump’s plan to reverse his loss in the 2020 presidential election hinged on replacing legitimate electors in a handful of swing states with “fake electors” - and the the Jan. 6 House committee revealed some intriguing details of the fake elector plot.... Read more»


Researchers studying whether mouthwashes can reduce viral load, COVID transmission

In the laboratory, some mouthwashes used outside the U.S. have been shown to block infectivity or suppress SARS-CoV-2, but clinical trials involving people are not conclusive and researchers are continuing to study the matter, despite a claim by Sen. Ron Johnson.... Read more»

Senate GOP filibuster blocks commission to probe U.S. Capitol attack

Senate Republicans on Friday blocked consideration of a bill creating a bipartisan, independent commission to investigate what happened leading up to and during the Jan. 6 attack at the U.S. Capitol; Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was among the senators who skipped the vote.... Read more»

GOP opposition to state and local aid remains as Senate heads toward vote on COVID bill

As Democrats seek to send President Joe Biden their latest $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill, federal lawmakers remain deeply divided on the question of whether state and local governments need another infusion of federal aid. Supporters of the bill — including numerous Republican mayors — say the answer is a clear “yes.” ... Read more»

Factchecking partisan spin on Clinton’s emails

The State Dep't inspector general’s report on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system while secretary of state had members in both parties spinning the facts to score partisan points this election season.... Read more»

Romney picks up endorsements ahead of Wis. primary

Mitt Romney picked up another key endorsement as the latest polls show him leading by up to 10 points in Tuesday's Wisconsin primary.... Read more»

News analysis

CPAC speakers plow familiar ground

There were more similarities than differences between speeches given by headline speakers at the first day of CPAC, the annual conclave of conservatives. Bachmann, McConnell, and Paul and others delivered no surprises. Trump offered just one – but it was a good one.... Read more»

Democrats mostly silent on health law in campaign ads

Democrats are mostly remaining silent on the new health law as they release advertisements in bids to retain their seats in Congress, NPR reports.... Read more»

Health overhaul rhetoric intensifies on campaign trail

In a debate Friday, Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., "accused Republican challenger Ron Johnson of wanting to replace the program with a system that puts insurance companies in control."... Read more»