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'Stealth governing': Transparency missing in Az Legislature

Arizona’s legislative session this year was as hard to track as a Stealth bomber, even for many Capitol regulars. Technology is in theory giving Arizonans unprecedented access to the Legislature, but lawmakers are short-circuiting the public process.... Read more»

‘Prosecutorial discretion’ barely dents immigration case backlog

A year after federal officials announced a program of “prosecutorial discretion” aimed at reducing nearly 300,000 pending immigration cases, only 1.5 percent of the backlogged cases have been closed.... Read more»

Az Senate Judiciary chairman won’t take up bill to repeal SB 1070

Calling the measure a “political ploy” and contrary to the wishes of most Arizonans, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Monday he won’t hear a Democratic senator’s bill to repeal SB 1070.... Read more»1

Rothschild tells mayors SB 1070 'bad for business'

Arizona faced unwanted scrutiny and economic harm because of SB 1070, Tucson's mayor told a group at the U.S. Conference of Mayors convention. "Not only is it bad for business, it’s bad for politicians," said Jonathan Rothschild.... Read more»3

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: There's a renewed push for guns on campus

Today on Buckmaster - We start things off with a conversation with Victoria Maizes, M.D., Head of UA-based Center for Integrative Medicine. Next, Certified Financial Planner Shelly Fishman has the Tuesday Money Maker Report. Then, it's a newsmaker interview with State Senator Ron Gould who discusses the renewed push for guns on Arizona campuses. Plus, Tucson Realty and Trust's Hank Amos has the year-end look at Tucson's commercial real estate picture.... Read more»

State Senate approves ban on using public funds to promote abortions

The state Senate on Tuesday passed a bill that would ban the use of public funding or tax credits to support any group that provides, promotes, pays for or gives referrals for abortions. HB 2384 would also ban public universities and community colleges from using state funding or tuition dollars to train students to perform abortions.... Read more»1

VA Tech shooting survivor: Guns on campus wouldn’t save lives

A survivor of the 2007 Virginia Tech campus massacre, Colin Goddard has scars from three bullet wounds, a metal rod in his leg and memories that he said led him to speak out Tuesday against proposed Arizona legislation that would allow guns on college campuses. (with video)... Read more»3

Bill to let local gov'ts ban fireworks sales flames out in Senate

The state Senate on Monday narrowly rejected a bill that would give local governments the authority to ban sales of fireworks made legal under a state law that took effect last year.... Read more»

Bill: Evict undocumented immigrants from public housing

A Republican legislator is pushing for a state law cutting off public housing benefits for undocumented immigrants even though the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development already requires applicants to prove citizenship or legal residency.... Read more»

Ban on texting while driving passes Az Senate

A ban on texting behind the wheel came a step closer to becoming law Monday when the state Senate approved the bill, sending it over to the House.... Read more»

Az legislature

Senate gives preliminary OK to bill banning texting while driving

The state Senate gave preliminary approval Thursday to a bill that would outlaw text messaging while driving and hit offenders with a minimum fine of $50.... Read more»

Arizona legislature

State lawmakers penning postcards to Congress

Rep. Ed Ableser wants Congress to urge the NCAA to adopt a college football playoff. Sen. Jack W. Harper wants to proclaim that Arizona has no intention of providing assistance to ACORN. Undeterred by the budget crisis, state lawmakers propose legislation that amounts to little more than press releases... Read more»