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Claytoonz: Trump booster for DeSantis

Donald Trump is upset that Ron DeSantis won’t publicly bow down before him. DeSantis is a presidential hopeful and he’ll run for the office someday. Trump is concerned it’ll be in 2024. Trump hasn’t declared yet but he wants DeSantis to declare he won’t run if Trump does. ... Read more»

'Protect my babies': Parents desperate for safe school options as the virus surges

With conflicts over masking, vaccinations and confusing quarantine policies, families already on the brink now find themselves once again yo-yoing between in-person and remote learning while making impossible decisions about whether to risk their children’s health for their education.... Read more»

A boy with an autoimmune disease was ready to learn in person - then his state banned mask mandates

For medically vulnerable children, school-wide masking is essential to allow them to safely return to school, health experts say, yet some states and districts have made masks optional, forcing high-risk students to stay home. ... Read more»

Public favors masks in classrooms but balks at mandating vaccinations for students

As the Delta variant spread threatens the safety of classrooms, a poll found nearly two-thirds of parents support schools’ requiring unvaccinated students and teachers to wear masks, but a majority of parents oppose requiring students now eligible for a COVID vaccine to get one.... Read more»


Capitol Police add field offices to investigate threats against members of Congress

In the wake the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, the U.S. Capitol Police announced it is adding field offices in Tampa and San Francisco to investigate threats against members of Congress - both cities located in states from where the agency is receiving a big bulk of the threats.... Read more»

GOP furor over ‘critical race theory’ hits college campuses

Professors say the Republican crusade to root out “critical race theory” is taking a toll on college campuses around the nation—places where academic freedom is supposed to encourage thought, discussion and analysis. ... Read more»