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Ten of the most haunted places on the globe

Here are 10 of the most haunted places around the world to help you get your spook on. ... Read more»


To discourage immigrants, Brits try to create image of UK as undesirable

Staring down a flood of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants when restrictions expire at the end of the year, British ministers recently proposed a unique idea: an ad campaign to make the UK look like a terrible place to live.... Read more»

British police raid site where 24 men were kept as slaves

British police reportedly raided a caravan in Bedfordshire on Sunday and found 24 men kept in slave-liked conditions for up to 15 years.... Read more»

Bucharest's looming stray dog slaughter

Walk down any residential street in Romania’s capital and you are likely to encounter a member of Bucharest’s canine population. A proposed law would legalize the killing of the city's packs of stray dogs.... Read more»

U.S.-modified weapons a scourge in Mexico's drug war

It's mostly illegal to import foreign-made assault weapons, but Century Arms has found a way to legally market these guns in the U.S. Many make their way south, to be used by Mexican drug cartels.... Read more»1

Czechs manhandle U.S. in World Cup tune-up match

The U.S. side was unlikely to find much, if any, encouragement in a 4-2 loss to a Czech team that failed to even qualify for South Africa.... Read more»