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Pinal among Arizona counties grappling with equitable distribution of COVID vaccines

Some Arizona counties continue to grapple with administering COVID-19 vaccines equitably, even as cases spiked across the state in recent months and vaccination rates still lag in rural communities and among some people of color. ... Read more»

COVID-19 boosters from Moderna, J&J approved along with 'mix and match' shots

Tens of millions of additional Americans are now eligible to receive a booster dose of one of the COVID-19 vaccines, after federal health officials gave the green light late Thursday to follow-up doses of the shots made by Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. ... Read more»

White House unveils plan to vaccinate young kids against COVID

Having secured enough vaccines for all 28 million Americans ages 5 to 11, the White House released its plans Wednesday to make Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine easily accessible to as many of these children as possible at pediatrician's offices, pharmacies and schools. ... Read more»

Boosters are 3 for 3: FDA rounds out week with J&J endorsement

The FDA’s 19-member Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee voted unanimously Friday to recommend that everyone who received the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Johnson and Johnson receive a second dose at least two months after the first jab.... Read more»

FDA panel unanimously recommends Moderna booster shot for vulnerable adults

Even while noting the scant amount of data provided to them to make their decision, members of an advisory committee for the Food and Drug Administration recommended Thursday that people at higher risk from COVID-19 who received the Moderna vaccine get booster shots. ... Read more»

Tense decision-making as CDC joins FDA in recommending Pfizer booster shot

Despite the mixed messaging between the CDC and FDA regarding coronavirus booster shots, the immediate effect of the recommendation for an additional vaccination is that millions of Americans will be in line for added protection amid concerns over waning vaccine immunity. ... Read more»

Public health experts 'flabbergasted' Biden still hasn’t picked an FDA chief

President Joe Biden’s failure to name someone to lead the Food and Drug Administration, more than 10 months after the election, has flummoxed public health experts who say it’s baffling for the agency to be without a permanent leader during a national health crisis.... Read more»

COVID booster rollout (probably) won’t repeat spring scramble

Now that the Biden administration has determined that Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 should get booster shots, state health officials say they can avoid a repeat of the chaos that accompanied the first months of vaccinations.... Read more»

CDC only tracks fraction of breakthrough COVID-19 infections, even as cases surge

A May 1 decision by the CDC to only track breakthrough infections that lead to hospitalization or death has left the nation with a muddled understanding of COVID-19's impact on the vaccinated and public health authorities continuing to lack data on crucial questions.... Read more»

COVID-19 booster shots to roll out starting next month

Top U.S. health officials announced a plan Wednesday to begin offering COVID-19 booster shots to Americans starting Sept. 20, with the scheduling of the additional shot to be based on when a person was fully vaccinated. ... Read more»

CDC urges pregnant women to get COVID vaccine

Pregnant women should prioritize vaccination against COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged Wednesday, citing rising numbers of expecting mothers admitted to hospitals with the virus. ... Read more»

CDC extends eviction halt in areas with 'substantial' COVID spread, including Pima County

The federal moratorium on evictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which expired over the weekend, was reinstated Tuesday by the CDC in areas with "high" or "substantial" continued spread of coronavirus — including Pima County.... Read more»


Vaccines remain largely effective against Delta variant, counter to claims of Fox News guest

Multiple studies show the COVID-19 vaccines continue to be effective against the Delta variant of the coronavirus, even if the potency of the vaccines is somewhat reduced, but a guest on Fox News falsely claimed there is “no clinical reason to go get vaccinated.”... Read more»

CDC: Even vaccinated should wear masks inside in public, schools as Delta COVID threat grows

With millions of students and teachers returning to school, the CDC said that everyone — even those who are vaccinated — should wear masks inside in public buildings in places like Arizona with still spreading COVID-19 infections, as the number of Delta cases increases.... Read more»

'Don’t you work with old people?': Many elder-care workers still refuse to get COVID-19 vaccine

As the Delta variant brings a new spike in coronavirus numbers across the nation, only 59% of staff at the nation’s nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are fully or partially vaccinated - with eight states reporting an average rate of less than half.... Read more»

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