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Cold stash: A/C unit on RV held $4.4M in fentanyl & meth

A Phoenix-area man was arrested Monday after Customs and Border Protection officers found nearly $4.4 million in drugs — including 800 lbs. of meth, and more than 110 lbs. of fentanyl — at the border crossing in Lukeville, Ariz. ... Read more»

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CBP busts 'record-breaking' haul of 3,300 lbs of meth in Nogales

Customs and Border Protection officers made the largest seizure of meth in the Tucson Field's Office's history Wednesday when they found nearly 3,300 pounds worth asbout $7.7 million stashed in a shipment of auto parts.... Read more»

Border agents at I-19 checkpoint seize 53 lbs. of fentanyl from U.S. citizen

Border Patrol agents seized more than 50 pounds of fentanyl from a U.S. citizen Monday morning at the I-19 checkpoint, authorities said. ... Read more»

Border agents rescue 26 migrants from remote western Arizona desert

Border Patrol agents, including members of the agency's specialized search and rescue team, aided a group of 26 migrants Wednesday in the western Arizona desert south of Interstate 8. Two bodies were found in other incidents earlier this week.... Read more»

BP agents arrest U.S. citizens, seize 'assault rifle' during immigration stop west of Tucson

Border Patrol agents seized an AR-15 rifle and arrested five men Wednesday, including two U.S. citizens, in the desert 100 miles west of Tucson, authorities said. ... Read more»

Drones buzz $300k in coke, meth over border near Yuma

Yuma-area Border Patrol agents seized more than $300,000 in cocaine and meth dropped by drones flown from Mexico last week, authorities said. ... Read more»

Border Patrol agent shoots Russian citizen in Arizona desert

A Russian national was shot by a Border Patrol agent Thursday night in the Arizona desert near Lukeville, on the Mexican border southwest of Tucson.... Read more»1

30 migrants found in semi-trailer at I-19 BP checkpoint

Two U.S. citizens were arrested for smuggling after U.S. Border Patrol agents found 30 people in the trailer of a semi-tractor truck at the I-19 checkpoint Saturday night. ... Read more»

Mexican woman dies at Tucson hospital while in Border Patrol custody

A 33-year-old Mexican woman died in a hospital in southern Arizona Saturday morning after sustaining injuries near Tubac, Ariz., two weeks ago. ... Read more»

Mexican man dies at Tucson hospital while in Border Patrol custody

A 49-year-old man died in a Tucson-area hospital Monday morning while in the custody of U.S. Border Patrol agents, authorities announced Tuesday. ... Read more»

Nogales CBP nabs $3.7M in 'hard drugs' from cars; 4 arrested

Nogales-area Customs and Border Protection officers seized 268 lbs. of heroin, fentanyl and methamphetamine worth a combined $3.7 million from private vehicles, and arrested four people. ... Read more»

$3M in marijuana seized at Az border crossings

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at border crossings in Nogales and San Luis, seized more than 6,000 pounds of marijuana stashed inside semi-tractor trailers over the last week, worth an estimated $3.1 million. ... Read more»

Two Indian nationals activate rescue beacon in desert near Lukeville

Two Indian nationals activated a rescue beacon north of Lukeville, Ariz., on Wednesday evening, and were taken into custody by U.S. Border Patrol agents. ... Read more»

Border Patrol finds nearly 400 Central Americans in Arizona desert Tuesday morning

Border Patrol agents patrolling about 14 miles west of Lukeville, Ariz., encountered the largest group of Central American migrants yet, after 360 people crossed into the United States from Mexico. ... Read more»

Marine surveillance leads BP to arrest 10 carrying pot near Yuma

Yuma-area border agents arrested 10 men carrying bundles of marijuana through the desert near Dateland, Ariz., after the men were spotted by U.S. Marines on Tuesday night. ... Read more»

5 frostbitten men rescued by CBP helicopter from snowy peak south of Tucson

A helicopter crew with U.S. Customs and Border Protection airlifted five men Thursday morning from a snowy peak in the Santa Rita Mountains. ... Read more»

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