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Taking on white nationalism, feds say big threats need big spending

White nationalism appeared to dominate Capitol Hill on Wednesday as senators focused on the Justice Department’s budget while House lawmakers held their latest hearing on January’s storming of the U.S. Capitol. ... Read more»

Arizona lawmakers split as Trump impeached by House for a second time

No Arizona lawmakers broke party ranks as the House impeached President Donald Trump on a mostly party-line vote, just one week after a deadly mob attack on the Capitol that critics said was incited by the president.... Read more»

Biden: 'Irresponsible' of Biggs, other GOP to refuse masks while sheltering during Capitol riot

President-elect Joe Biden on Monday chastised GOP lawmakers, including Arizona's Andy Biggs, for refusing to wear masks while they were held in a safe location as a violent mob of pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol last week.... Read more»

Congress certifies Biden as president after rioting mob is driven from the Capitol

After a day of insurrection and deadly violence at the U.S. Capitol, lawmakers certified Electoral College votes declaring Joe Biden the winner of the November presidential election.... Read more»

Cities, police brace for possible unrest after heated election

National and local law enforcement agencies are preparing to respond in case civil disturbances break out after Tuesday’s elections, which experts fear may have a “different venue for challenging election results, namely in the streets.”... Read more»

Police using rubber bullets on protesters that can kill, blind or maim for life

In cities across the country, police departments have attempted to quell unrest spurred by the death of George Floyd by firing rubber bullets into crowds, even though five decades of evidence shows such weapons can disable, disfigure and even kill.... Read more»

Officials fired after Egypt soccer riots that killed 74

Egyptian Football Association officials, along with officials in Port Said, have been fired following the riots after Wednesday’s soccer match between Al Masry and Al Ahly, in which 74 people died.... Read more»

Two jailed for Facebook posts to incite British rioters

Amid claims of overly harsh justice, a British court has sentenced two men to four years in prison for attempting to use Facebook to incite rioting last week. (with video)... Read more»

Comic: Riots in Great Britain

The history of social media as a tool to incite violence

The British government is exploring ways in which it might restrict the use of social media.... Read more»

Duggan scene evidence could spark more London rioting

Police and community leaders fear the London riots may spread now that an initial inquiry revealed that a handgun found at the scene of the police shooting that killed Mark Duggan had not been fired.... Read more»

Comic: World

London is burning

Riots in London pitting gangs against police are spreading to other areas of Great Britain.... Read more»


Vancouver fans riot in streets after loss to Bruins

Rioting hockey fans overturned vehicles and set them on fire, broke store and hotel windows and set several small conflagrations in downtown Vancouver on Wednesday night, moments after the Canucks lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals to the Boston Bruins.... Read more»