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Private border wall settlement won’t stop flooding or erosion of Rio Grande shoreline, experts say

Federal authorities have reached a deal that gives builders of the privately funded fence control over where to inspect for damage and leeway over which issues they choose to repair. ... Read more»

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Texas gov. ends inspections that clogged U.S.-Mexico border crossings for more than a week

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ended state troopers' increased inspections of commercial vehicles at international bridges that gridlocked commercial traffic throughout the Texas-Mexico border - but the impacts on businesses and supply chains are not over.... Read more»

Trial starts in Rio Grande Supreme Court water lawsuit between New Mexico and Texas

Attorneys laid out their arguments Monday during the first day of a virtual trial in a lawsuit over Rio Grande water with Texas and the federal government alleging that New Mexico’s use of groundwater cut into Texas’ share of river water.... Read more»

The feds call it a levee; Texas immigration advocates & enviros see a border wall

Border wall opponents say President Biden broke his promise to halt construction when the U.S. Department of Homeland Security started building a wall with 15-foot concrete panels topped with 6-foot steel bollards and calling it a levee to protect residents from potential flooding.... Read more»

Can Texas Gov. Abbott actually build Trump's border wall?

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wants to finish the wall that Donald Trump began on the Texas-Mexico border, but he'll have to overcome the same hurdles that impeded the ex-president's efforts. ... Read more»

‘Megadrought’ along border strains US-Mexico water relations

The United States and Mexico are tussling over their dwindling shared water supplies after years of unprecedented heat, insufficient rainfall and some well-known underlying stresses including a population boom on both sides of the border, climate change and aging waterworks.... Read more»

In the middle of the Rio Grande, separated families reunite for 3 minutes

The Hugs Not Walls event put on by the El Paso-based Border Network for Human Rights, in partnership with the Mexican and United States governments, allows families from both sides of the river with no legal means to reunite to reconnect for a brief embrace in the middle of the Rio Grande.... Read more»

Scaling up tree nurseries is key to unlocking U.S. reforestation potential

Restoring forests in areas where they once stood is an important step toward halting climate change. It helps to ensure a host of other environmental services, too, like provision of clean air and water. But without significantly increased investment in tree nursery infrastructure, the U.S. will be unable to unlock its full reforestation potential, researchers are warning.... Read more»

New engineering report finds privately built border wall will fail

The report, set to be filed in federal court this week, confirms reporting from ProPublica and The Texas Tribune that found portions of the wall were in danger of overturning if not fixed due to extensive erosion just months after it was built.... Read more»

Private 'border wall' in Texas at risk of collapse; Hurricane Hanna made it worse

Hurricane Hanna dumped torrential rainfall on a border wall that Trump supporters built, leaving gaping holes and waist-deep cracks on the banks of the Rio Grande that threaten the wall’s long-term stability.... Read more»

Eroding private border wall to get engineering inspection months after completion

Months after the “Lamborghini” of border walls was built along the Rio Grande, the builder agreed to an engineering inspection of his controversial structure. Experts say the wall is showing signs of erosion that threatens its stability.... Read more»


Colorado farmers struggle to save water and their community's future

Farmers in the southern Rockies are struggling to meet the changing realities of agriculture with limited groundwater pumping. They're not done fighting yet.... Read more»

As El Paso closes emergency migrant shelters, Mexico scrambles to add space on the border

The Mexican government has converted a former factory into a shelter that could potentially house thousands of migrants. But in El Paso, a number of churches have closed their emergency shelters as the number of migrants has dropped.... Read more»

Border Patrol erects more tents in the Rio Grande Valley to house asylum seekers as surge continues

The agency said Friday that the Rio Grande Valley sector is holding an average of 8,000 migrants each day.... Read more»

What we know about the migrant caravan waiting at the Texas-Mexico border

For the sixth straight day since arriving at the Texas-Mexico border, roughly 1,600 Central American migrants intent on seeking asylum in the U.S. are playing a frustrating waiting game in Mexico.... Read more»

New evidence in border wall kickback scheme could suggest wrongdoing beyond fraud

Fresh details have been alleged about a plan to make millions off the first border wall in Texas, with a court filing talking of kickback deals worked out over drinks and steak dinners.... Read more»

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