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Protesting masks and racism education, the 'patriots' take on Arizona’s school boards

Arizona school board meetings have been seeing an unprecedented number of disruptions by far-right, angry and yelling crowds furious that students were required to wear facemasks in schools, many organized by outside groups led by Steven Tyler Daniels, a self-identified conservative “patriot” activist who is trying to launch a new fringe-right political party.... Read more»

U.S. just now beginning to grapple with global wave of right-wing extremism

White supremacists are building international networks to spread their violent ideology. Efforts at transatlantic counterterrorism cooperation hit an obstacle: the politics of the Trump Administration.... Read more»

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Inside primary exit polls: Rise of the moderates?

Exit polls from the recent Republican primary reveal Arizona Republicans who are much more moderate than their oddball leaders. ... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Do conservatives deserve a punch in the nose?

One writer ponders the punch in the nose as a path to civility.... Read more»10

Smart v. Stupid

Is it time to dump right-wing rhetoric down the drain?

Conservatives of all stripes are frantically engaged in an effort to separate their toxic rhetoric from the massacre in Tucson. They aren’t afraid of being a cause of the carnage. They are afraid that the slayings will make hyperbolic mudslinging unacceptable to most Americans.... Read more»

Right-wing hooligans terrorize Russia

A surge of far-right nationalist violence is sweeping through Russia, leaving at least two dead and dozens injured in recent days as soccer hooligans led by neo-Nazi groups capitalize on a wave of discontent.... Read more»