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Arizona Rep. Andrade un-endorses Hobbs, switches to Lopez

Rep. Richard Andrade has withdrawn his endorsement of Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Katie Hobbs over her role in the firing of former Senate staffer Talonya Adams and is now backing Marco Lopez, one of her rivals in the primary elections. ... Read more»

Arizona Sen. Sinema urged to support Build Back Better spending plan

Democrats in the Legislature and activists from the Working Families Party met Tuesday at the state Capitol to urge Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to take action on President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. ... Read more»

Report: About 40 percent of workers in Az, U.S. have no paid sick leave

Nearly half of Arizona’s private-sector workers, more than 934,000 people, do not have access to paid sick leave, according to a report by a group pushing for such laws. More than 43 million people, accounting for about 39 percent of private-sector workers in the country, don’t have the ability to earn paid sick leave.... Read more»1