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Better ventilation can prevent COVID spread, but are companies paying attention?

A growing coalition of epidemiologists and aerosol scientists say that improved ventilation could be a powerful tool against the coronavirus — if businesses are willing to invest the money.... Read more»

Western wildfires drive increasing overlap of particle pollution and ground-level ozone

Increasingly frequent wildfires in the western U.S. are driving particle pollution to occur with late summer ozone episodes and raising new public health concerns about cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses and the combined air pollutants in pregnant women and children.... Read more»

Wildfire smoke drives people in low-vaccinated areas indoors, raising outbreak fears

Smoke from wildfires and the heat have driven people to seek refuge in indoor public areas, and in areas with low COVID-19 vaccination rates where people have largely abandoned masks and physical distancing, health officials are concerned the result will be more outbreaks.... Read more»