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Reflections from Arizona's White Mountain Apache Tribe a year into the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic hit Native Americans especially hard, and now, more than a year since the first COVID-19 cases were recorded in the U.S., the White Mountain Apache Tribe in eastern Arizona has slowed the spread of the disease and helped curb death rates through a combination of intense contact-tracing, surveillance of high-risk individuals and, finally, vaccinations.... Read more»

Tohono O’odham Nation keeping COVID-19 at bay

Although the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona has been ravaged by COVID-19 — at one point serving as the world epicenter of infections — the Tohono O’odham Nation has not been hit as hard. Thanks to income from four casinos, including two near Tucson’s million residents and one in the Phoenix Valley surrounded by more than 4 million people, the tribe offers health care to all members. There are four clinics spread across the nation’s 11 districts.... Read more»

Pascua Yaqui win water funds, first of $150M for Arizona projects

$900,000 from an Army Corps of Engineers fund dedicated to water infrastructure projects in Arizona will be used to bring water to the tribe’s lands for irrigation, the first fruits of a successful effort last year by members of the state’s congressional delegation to win $150 million in federal funding for water projects around the state.... Read more»

For many Navajos, it’s been a long wait in the dark

For more than 80 years of his life, William Yazzie didn't know what it was like to flick a switch in his own home and have light flood the room. The lines finally reached him in 2008. Still, more than 18,000 households on the reservation are waiting for electricity.... Read more»1