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Leaders of some of many minority organizations  leave the Republican National Committee offices after meeting with members of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team.

Leaders of about 20 minority advocacy organizations met with President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team in a closed-door meeting Wednesday in what advocates said they hope was one of many meetings to come. Read more»

An explanation of the art of editorial cartooning. Read more» 8

When Mitt Romney described the 47 percent, he was saying what he thinks about Democrats. He’s not alone in repeating a simple-minded theory about why people choose a political party. Read more» 1

Wednesday on Buckmaster- Bill talked with Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias about the latest developments concerning the proposed Rosemont Mine. Plus, Republican LD9 state Senate hopeful Tyler Mott, and a conversation with Pima County’s new library director, Melinda Cervantes. Read more»

Are Christians planning a last ditch effort to prevent a Mormon takeover of the Republican Party? Read more» 2

The best course of action for Democrats is to sit back and let Republicans wound their own. Increasingly, the GOP nominating process is serving Democrats—peeling back the layers of obfuscation and exposing the weaknesses and inadequacies of its likely nominees. Read more» 2

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks at a rally for Massachusetts candidate for governor, Charlie Baker, in 2010.

Chris Christie will announce his presidential candidacy. You can count on it. But he won’t really be running for president. Read more» 1

There were clear winners and losers in the latest Republican debate, held at the Reagan Library. The biggest winner was anarchy. Read more» 1

Kevin McCullough

At CPAC, Kevin McCullough laid out a point-by-point plan aimed at altering the balance between conservatives and liberals. His idea sounded like it could lead to permanent conservative rule. No kidding. Read more»

Tom Tancredo at CPAC

Immigration, the political issue, came and went with a whimper at this year's CPAC convention. But that didn't stop Tom Tancredo from predicting Armageddon to his shrinking base. One Arizona activist said Cochise County is "in the control of the Sinaloa cartel." Read more» 3

Conservatives of all stripes are frantically engaged in an effort to separate their toxic rhetoric from the massacre in Tucson. They aren’t afraid of being a cause of the carnage. They are afraid that the slayings will make hyperbolic mudslinging unacceptable to most Americans. Read more»

House Speaker John Boehner

Smart v. Stupid: John Boehner, the new Speaker of the House, is promising to repeal health care legislation passed last session. But he’s lying. Read more»

Smart v. Stupid: Some Obama supporters are inclined to just stay home on Election Day. Here are seven compelling reasons why that's a bad idea. Read more»

Smart v. Stupid: Alan Simpson, Republican co-chair of the deficit commission has proven himself unfit to lead. Jimmy Zuma asks, “Are his most recent criticisms of pensioners and veterans a sign of senility?” Read more»

Bye-bye, Buz. Do svidanya, Dean-o. Read more»

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