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Monday is the deadline to register to vote in Arizona's Republican and Green Party presidential primaries, which are set for Feb. 28. Early voting begins Feb. 2. Read more» 1

Some will say it's not nice to pick on Rick Perry. They're right. But it is fun. Read more»

A religion by any other name is ... a cult Read more»

Republicans are planning their next moves to challenge the new health law. Read more»

On Thursday, President Obama met with a newly elected governors -- many from the GOP -- to defend his health overhaul plan. It wasn't a completely friendly meeting. Read more»

A majority of Americans want the Congress to keep the new health care law or actually expand it, despite Republican claims that they have a mandate from the people to kill it, according to a new poll. Read more»

The days of power are numbered for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi but the lame duck congress may be able to cut some deals on foreign policy.

With the Obama mandate of 2008 slipping away, Congressional Democrats hope to find a more practical species of Republican sitting in their assigned seats later this month when the "lame duck" Congress reconvenes in Washington. Read more»

Republicans aren't softening their tough criticism of the health law even as they seek Democratic allies to join them in their bid to repeal the overhaul. Read more»

GOP lawmakers are considering using their new posts in powerful House committees to "go after President Obama's health care overhaul, and they're focusing on questions uppermost in the minds of consumers: What's it going to cost? Can I keep the coverage I have if I like it?" Read more»

Republicans say they will try to deny money to put Obama's new health care law into effect, though they have not made clear what they would do to make up the cost savings that would be lost if they succeeded in repealing the law. Read more»

Impending Republican control of the House means there will be new leaders on powerful House committees. Here’s a quick introduction — or reintroduction — to some of the lawmakers who will likely win these important chairmanships. Read more»

Republican leaders Wednesday set their sights on repeal of the law. "It's pretty clear that the Obama-Pelosi agenda is being rejected by the American people," John Boehner, the speaker-in-waiting, told reporters. Read more»

Now in control of the House of Representatives, Republicans are planning to flex their muscles quickly to try to repeal the Democratic health law — but even some GOP leaders acknowledge it is likely they can get rid of the law right away. Read more»

A GOP takeover of the House would give Republicans the ability to attack the new law in new ways. Read more»

Midterm elections are an embarrassment of riches for fact-checkers — this year more than others. With both parties fighting desperately control of the House and Senate, the amount of deceit in political advertising is at least as high as we’ve ever seen. Read more»

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