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Group hopes to bring ranked choice voting to Arizona cities

Voter Choice Arizona, a nonprofit advocacy group dedicated to bringing ranked choice voting to Arizona, is planning a campaign to put the system before state voters next year in an attempt to add several cities to the growing list of jurisdictions that use the system.... Read more»

Redistricting battles kick off in state courts

Many states face increased legal wrangling this redistricting cycle - so far, some 49 redistricting suits have been filed in state and federal courts in at least 22 states, and delayed census redistricting data has been the main reason cited in most lawsuits filed so far. ... Read more»

Analysis: Arizona at low risk of gerrymandering in 2022

Arizona is just one of seven states that were deemed at “minimal risk” of winding up with a political map with clear partisan bias, according to a new analysis of possible gerrymandering ahead of the 2022 elections.... Read more»