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Effort to eliminate clergy-penitent privilege dies amid anti-Catholic fears

An effort to eliminate clergy privilege and force religious leaders to report child abuse to legal authorities was unable to get enough votes to make it out of committee Tuesday after days of backroom drama. In Arizona, clergy are not mandated reporters and suspected child abuse or neglect isn’t exempted from that, even if it is ongoing. And religious leaders cannot be forced to testify in court about abuse a parishioner confessed to committing.... Read more»

Think again

The continuing curse of ‘on the one-handism’

What we have here is a prime example of what I have called “on the one-handism,” what Paul Krugman calls “the cult of balance” and what James Fallows calls the problem of “false equivalence.” The phenomenon derives from a multiplicity of causes but rests on two essential insights.... Read more»


Our promise: Editorial and ethics policy

TucsonSentinel.com is a local independent nonprofit news organization that offers professional unbiased reporting and engaging community conversation on issues that affect Tucson. We pledge transparency and accountability so that you can rely on what you read.... Read more»

Citizen newsroom: Offbeat, unbelievable, over the top

War stories and weirdos of the newsroom are the stuff of legend. From former Tucson Citizen columnist Corky Simpson, a review of a "rollicking account" of the late, great newspaper by former reporters Paul Allen and Peter Pegnam.... Read more»

PR industry filling vacuum left by shrinking newsrooms

"The muscles of journalism are weakening and the muscles of public relations are bulking up—as if they were on steroids." As PR becomes ascendant, private and government interests become more able to generate, filter, distort, and dominate the public debate, and to do so without the public knowing it.... Read more»1

Guest opinion

What have they done with the news?

The day of do-it-yourself news has arrived. Now, I'm seriously wondering if I need a newspaper anymore to get me started in the morning.... Read more»1

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Sentinel on Parisi radio show Wednesday

Tune into Jim Parisi's talk radio show around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday for an interview with yours truly.... Read more»1