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U.S. inflation rose at fastest rate in 40 years, Phoenix grew even faster

The U.S. cost of living surged 8.5% over the past 12 months, the fastest one-year increase in more than 40 years, driven by skyrocketing gas, food and housing prices - and consumers in the Phoenix area have been seeing even sharper increases.... Read more»

Minimum wage increase puts Arizona near top; advocates say more needed

Arizona’s minimum wage rose from $11 to $12 an hour on New Year’s Day, The automatic increase gives Arizona one of the highest minimum wages in the country.... Read more»

Kids Count report: Arizona ranks 46th for childhood well-being

Arizona scrapes along the bottom of the nation in children’s well-being, ranking 46th in 2019 Kids Count data released Monday. Lack of affordable housing emerged as a pressure point.... Read more»

Protests grip Israel

Massive protests centered on rental prices and scarce public housing continue to roil Israel as the movement rolled into its fourth week. This weekend saw the largest demonstrations yet. (with video)... Read more»