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Education, housing, paid leave: Advocates demand record budget surplus be invested in Arizonans’ well-being

Citing the state's record-high surplus, community advocacy organizations ACE and the People First Economy for Arizona called on legislators to ramp up education funding and mobilize the estimated $5.3 billion surplus to benefit Arizonans.... Read more»

States, cities face deadline for proving how quickly they’ve helped renters in crisis

States, cities and counties that excelled at distributing federal aid to renters struggling during the pandemic may soon be rewarded with yet more cash, and the new funding would be drawn from sluggish states and localities that didn’t move swiftly to help people facing eviction.... Read more»

Feds extend eviction moratorium for 90 days to slow COVID-19 spread

A federal eviction moratorium that was scheduled to end Wednesday has been extended through June 30, good news for the close to 114,000 Arizona renters who think they are at risk of eviction. Advocates welcomed the extension at a time when nearly 170,000 Arizona renters, or about 18% of all renters in the state, are not current on their rent, according to a study by the University of Arizona.... Read more»

Pandemic aid bill means more than $16 billion to Arizona governments, schools, workers

More than $16.1 billion is headed to Arizona in the pandemic aid package that was passed by Congress Wednesday, including billions of dollars for local governments, schools, health care and businesses. ... Read more»

Arizona mayors join plea for $1.9 trillion COVID-19 bill with city aid

Six Arizona mayors were among hundreds who urged Congress to pass a $1.9 trillion pandemic-relief bill that includes $350 billion in aid for state and local governments. ... Read more»

Congress strikes deal on new pandemic relief after settling Fed lending dispute

A deal on a coronavirus relief package finally emerged on Sunday night, after members of Congress resolved a days-long impasse over a provision sought by U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania to ensure that several temporary Federal Reserve lending programs will end this year.... Read more»

Az adds $2 million for rental aid program that has only helped 7% of applicants

The state will make an additional $2 million available for Arizona renters who need assistance paying their rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Doug Ducey announced Wednesday.... Read more»

Arizona Supreme Court rejects challenge to Ducey’s eviction moratorium

The Arizona Supreme Court won't hear a special action brought by trade groups representing landlords and trailer park owners who want to overturn Gov. Doug Ducey's executive order barring most evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read more»

Report: Arizona had highest 'housing loss' rate; more evictions coming

Arizona had the highest rate of “housing loss” in the nation, according to a new national study, and that was before what experts called a “tsunami of evictions” that is expected to hit this fall.... Read more»

Landlord group says lawsuit over eviction moratorium is a 'last step'

Trade groups representing landlords and property owners are suing to overturn the eviction moratorium imposed by Gov. Doug Ducey, which created a situation they deem "unsustainable." ... Read more»

Landlords head to court to resume evictions, say Ducey acted unconstitutionally

Trade groups representing landlords and trailer park owners are suing to overturn Gov. Doug Ducey's executive order barring most evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read more»

Thousands of evictions loom as moratorium set to expire this month

Legal advocates are preparing for what could be a tsunami of evictions in the next few weeks when a temporary state ban on most evictions expires. But there is evidence that hundreds of evictions have been filed in violation of a federal ban in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read more»

Only 5% of people seeking Az pandemic aid to avoid eviction have been helped

Arizona parents who pay child support have received hardly any of the state and federal unemployment aid that they are entitled to because the Arizona Department of Economic Security overcharged them for their child support obligation, according to the state agency.... Read more»