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What's open, what's not on President's Day

President's Day is commemorated on the third Monday of February and that falls on Feb. 21 this year. ... Read more»

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What's open, what's closed in Tucson on MLK Day

The Martin Luther King Holiday is commemorated on the third Monday of January and that falls on Jan. 17 this year, with standard-issue closures around Tucson area.... Read more»

Joaquin the Andean bear down with Tucson again

The newest resident at Reid Park Zoo is an Andean bear named Joaquin, who was born in the zoo in 2002 and is coming home.... Read more»

News poem

William Blake and a battle for the heart (of Reid Park)

A news poem by reader Lisa Periale Martin: Tyger, Tyger / gleaming bright / in the eyes / of those with might.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

No brown M&Ms: Zoo flap says Tucson needs to take voting more seriously

I’m a bit of a homer in the whole World War Zoo thing. But more than that, I’m a homer for democracy. Some voters weren't paying close attention in 2017 when the Reid Park Zoo won approval to tax a bit and spend it to spruce things up and expand. Now social media is ablaze with outcries.... Read more»2

Sita the tiger dies at Reid Park Zoo

The sole tiger at Tucson's city zoo was euthanized Thursday because of advanced kidney disease. Sita was 19 years old; her companion Baheem died in February.... Read more»

Baheem the tiger dies at Reid Park Zoo

Baheem, an 18-year-old Malayan tiger, died at Tucson's Reid Park Zoo on Friday after a few weeks of illness.... Read more»

Reid Park Zoo's giraffe 'Elinor' dies at 20 years old

Elinor, a two-decade old giraffe — the shyest of the spotted animals at Tucson's zoo — died Monday after suffering breathing problems. Zoo officials called her "beloved."... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Rothschild got Tucson to walk the line, now we could use a kick

Tucson's progress is worth noting because we've done better under Mayor Jonathan Rothschild's leadership, but the city still lags behind the rest of the country ways cities that don't want to lag. ... Read more»

Punga the elephant dies at Reid Park Zoo

An 11-year-old elephant died Tuesday at Tucson's zoo, where officials say a "twisted gut" caused Punga to unexpectedly die.... Read more»1

What the Devil won't tell you

Zoo column flub shows media's true potential biases

The public just doesn't know much about journalists' motivations and obstacles, so the public fills in the blanks and presumes bias prompts the press. Here's the 'ripped from the headlines' story that Hollywood won't tell you about what drives journalism... Read more»1

Both Reid Park zoo props pass in updated election results

After being split in the first count, both of the initiative measures that would create a 1/10-cent Tucson sales tax to fund zoo improvements passed as updated tallies were released Thursday afternoon. Plus, complete election numbers. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Election '17: Yes to zoo, no to paying for it (most Tucson thing ever)

Props. 202 and 203 tell Tucsonans one of the frustrating things about ourselves. Yes, we want the zoo animals to have better digs and we approve of the plan. Go do it! No, we won't give you a red cent to pay for it. That may be the most Tucson thing, ever. ... Read more»1

Strong Start, zoo campaigns failed to disclose 100s of thousands in donations, expenses

The backers of the Strong Start Tucson education tax for months failed to file prompt disclosures of high-dollar donations and expenses, a TucsonSentinel.com investigation shows. The No on Prop. 204 campaign had a filing error, and backers of the zoo sales tax also failed to properly file.... Read more»2

Reid Park lion felled by valley fever

A nearly two-year-old male lion at the Reid Park Zoo has died after suffering from valley fever and kidney disease, officials said. Baako was one of four live cubs born in December 2013 at the Tucson zoo.... Read more»

Sick camel closes Reid Park rides

Reid Park Zoo announced Tuesday that it has temporarily closed its camel ride operation as the result of one of the camels being diagnosed with a bacterial infection.... Read more»

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