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86 Tucson city staffers could lose jobs after not complying with COVID shot mandate

The city of Tucson has a new plan to tackle its staffing shortage, which is expected to worsen with the projected termination of 86 employees who failed to comply with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate by a Dec. 1 deadline. ... Read more»

Most city of Tucson, federal gov't workers vaccinated against COVID

Despite rhetorical fury and legal challenges from Republican leaders, and worries that mandates would fail, most city of Tucson and federal government workers have gotten their COVID-19 vaccine shots or sought exemptions, according to new data.... Read more»

Pima County set to sue city of Tucson over water rates

Pima County is moving ahead with a lawsuit against Tucson over an increase in water rates for customers who live outside the city limits, following a 3-2 vote by the Board of Supervisors.... Read more»1

Pima, Az health officials warn of COVID spreading during Thanksgiving

A new surge in COVID-19 cases is already taking place in Pima County, and officials warned that not taking precautions during holiday gatherings will make it worse — especially for hospitals and schools. ... Read more»

Arizonans on hand as Biden signs bill worth billions in state projects

Arizona lawmakers joined hundreds on the White House lawn Monday as President Joe Biden signed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that includes billions of dollars for road, transit, environmental cleanup and other projects in the state. ... Read more»

Biden signs $1.2T infrastructure bill: ‘America is moving again’

President Joe Biden on Monday signed into law his $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill during a ceremony at the White House packed with some 800 supporters, heralding what he said was a “truly consequential” spending bill that will improve Americans’ day-to-day lives. ... Read more»

House passes bill to expand Pascua Yaqui tribal lands near Grant & I-10

The Pascua Yaqui Tribe is closer to gaining control of Old Pascua, site of tribe’s first settlement in Tucson, after the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill awarding to the tribe the Northwest Side area of several city blocks, which includes the site of a planned casino. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Never mind the GOP, Tucson's new alternative may be on the Left

Someone has got to hold our Democratic incumbents accountable and it’s probably time to stop the expecting the heat to come from the Right. It may have to come from the Left; at least around Tucson.... Read more»2

Az Supreme Court rules laws blocking school vaccine & mask mandates were unconstitutionally passed

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a series of laws barring schools from implementing COVID mask and vaccination mandates were unconstitutionally passed by the Arizona Legislature, as was a law meant to block teaching "critical race theory."... Read more»1

Arizona Redistricting Commission will review proposed Tucson changes as it prepares for big vote

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission will have three potential legislative maps to consider on Thursday after Democratic Commissioner Shereen Lerner suggested changes she’d like to see to proposed legislative districts in southern Arizona.... Read more»

State Sen. Vince Leach asks Ariz. AG to probe Tucson over COVID shot mandate

State Sen. Vince Leach has accused Tucson of violating state law by moving to fire government employees who refuse to be vaccinated by the beginning of December. About $100 million could be held back from the city budget if the AG's Office upholds the complaint.... Read more»

Tucson city attorney: Ducey 'painfully absurd' in attempt to block COVID vaccination mandate

In a sharply worded and often acerbic retort, City Attorney Mike Rankin refuted arguments made by Gov. Doug Ducey's office that Tucson cannot mandate COVID-19 shots for city workers — at one point saying a declaration by Ducey was "painfully absurd."... Read more»

Gov. Ducey demands Tucson rescind COVID shot mandate for gov't employees

Gov. Ducey demanded that Tucson roll back a new policy requiring city employees to get vaccinated or face losing their jobs. The Republican argued that the city's new policy violates state law, which requires the city to grant accommodation requests. Mayor Romero said he is "playing politics" to "deflect from his utter failure" on COVID-19. ... Read more»

New Tucson 'Housing First' director quickly dumps pro-Trump tweets

The new director of Tucson's Housing First Program, part of Mayor Romero's social service efforts, quickly deleted her Twitter and Facebook accounts the day her hiring was announced, after city officials were asked about her years of pro-Trump and conspiracist posts, including questioning the 2020 election and COVID-19 misinformation.... Read more»

Unvaccinated Tucson city employees could be fired after Council mandates COVID shots

In a 4-3 vote, the Tucson City Council said Tuesday that city employees who are not vaccinated by Dec. 1 will face termination. ... Read more»

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