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LGBTQ advocates want blood donation restriction lifted for gay and bisexual men

Advocates are pushing the Food and Drug Administration to allow gay and bisexual men to donate blood as the country continues to deal with one of the worst blood shortages to date. ... Read more»

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Already had COVID-19? Vaccines boost immunity, not 'wipe out' antibodies

Studies show COVID-19 vaccines boost antibody levels and improve the immune response of those who previously had COVID-19; the vaccines do not “wipe out” antibodies developed by people who recovered from the disease, as social media posts have falsely claimed.... Read more»

'Tainted' blood: COVID skeptics request blood transfusions from unvaccinated donors

The nation’s tensions over COVID-19 vaccinations have spilled into an unexpected arena: lifesaving blood transfusions - with some patients who are skeptical of the shots demanding transfusions only from the unvaccinated, an option blood centers insist is not feasible.... Read more»

Distilleries and breweries begin manufacturing hand sanitizer amid national shortages

Dozens of businesses across the country switched production from booze to sanitizer after two federal agencies relaxed manufacturing guidelines amid the Covid-19 outbreak.... Read more»

Court proceedings continue after arrests of No More Deaths volunteers

Members of No More Deaths have faced 36 misdemeanor cases in the past 15 years brought by federal authorities. They have not lost a single one. But a recent round of arrests has put nine volunteers in limbo at a time when the relationship between the humanitarian group and Border Patrol is perhaps more tense than ever. ... Read more»

Texas gov will activate up to 1,000 Guard troops

Gov. Rick Perry will announce Monday that he is sending up to 1,000 National Guard troops to help beef up security along the Texas-Mexico border, two people with knowledge of the decision have confirmed. ... Read more»1

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Focusing on gratitude during the holidays

An interview iwth Dr. Victoria Maizes, executive director of the Center for Integrative Medicine. Then, financial planner Shelly Fishman, an update from Richard White of the American Red Cross in Tucson, and the every-other Tuesday Arts Report.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Public shares ideas to improve CPS

Beth Rosenberg of the Children's Action Alliance, state Sen. David Bradle, KVOI talk show host Joe Dreyfuss, Richard White of the Red Cross, financial advisor Shelly Fishman, and Washington commentator Jimmy Zuma.... Read more»

FEMA denial no surprise to Yarnell residents

Residents of Yarnell said Monday that they were never really depending on help from the federal government, and vowed to continue rebuilding their community after a request for disaster aid was rejected Friday.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Kromko on failed red-light petitions

Vail School Superintendent Calvin Baker, Director of the Supportive Services to Veteran Families Program at the American Red Cross Southern Arizona Chapter Mary Laughbaum, President and CEO Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry Glenn Hamer, TUSD Boardmmber Mark Stegeman, petition organizer John Kromko, developer Richard Studwell... Read more»

$3.3M helps local orgs assist homeless veterans

Three local organizations have been awarded almost $3.3 million to help fight homelessness among military veterans in Southern Arizona. Seven-year Army vet Bobby Diaz and his family are among those who've been helped by the Red Cross. "It was fast, a lot faster than I thought it would be," he said. "They have services and I got a home within a week."... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Council wants local control of Tucson gun laws

An interview with Karin Uhlich, city councilwoman from Tucson's Ward 3. Also, certified financial advisor Shelly Fishman has the Tuesday Money Maker Report. Plus, Richard White, of the American Red Cross and Tom Collier, Buckmaster consumer affairs contributor.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Council declares Tucson immigrant friendly

Tucson City Councilwoman Shirley Scott, plus, Richard White of the Red Cross talks about the nationwide blood supply shortage, along with a technology report from Dan Ranieri, CEO of La Frontera, and Elaine Richardson, Democratic candidate for Pima County treasurer.... Read more»

Red Cross hit with $10M fine over bad blood handling

The FDA has hit the American Red Cross with a nearly $10 million fine for safety violations, lax oversight and faulty testing of its blood services. The fine is just the latest of more than a dozen the Red Cross has racked up in the last decade. ... Read more»

Aid rushed to Mexico's hungry Tarahumara people

Aid is being rushed to the Tarahumara indigenous tribes in northern Mexico, after serious food shortages in the region prompted one official to falsely report that men and women had committed suicide out of desperation. ... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: 70 years later, questions remain about Pearl Harbor

Historian and writer John Martin Meek talks about his new book "The Other Pearl Harbor." Plus, state Sen. Linda Lopez, and Richard White from the Red Cross.... Read more»

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