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Meet the recycling start-up hustling to keep EV batteries out of landfills

Driven by the relative scarcity of both lithium and cobalt as well as the high demand for electric vehicles, Li-Cycle plans to emerge as a player in the EV-battery recycling industry with construction of recycling plants and hubs in Arizona and across the U.S.... Read more»

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Yuma company working to perfect complicated process of recycling solar panels

Waste is a problem around the world as solar power becomes more affordable and the need to reduce fossil fuel usage more acute - but solar recycling isn’t yet cost effective, and not all materials used in panels can be extracted – problems the industry and researchers are working on. ... Read more»

White House turns to California desert for lithium boost

Seeking to break China’s monopoly of the lithium battery market, the Biden administration awarded $35 million to boost a mining operation in California and help reduce America’s reliance on China, while also touting a separate planned extraction project and battery recycling plant.... Read more»

Pima County partners with Mesa firm to recycle tires

Pima County residents recycle nearly 1 million tires each year, through a partnership with Pima County and Mesa company Crumb Rubber Manufacturers. Tires are collected at at 5301 W. Ina Road. It’s open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday. ... Read more»

Tucson is ready to gather Christmas trees at recycling drop off sites

The TreeCycle program is gathering trees at nine locations throughout Tucson and Oro Valley from Dec. 26 to Jan. 17.... Read more»

Pima County wants residents to properly dispose of holiday cooking grease

Even a little bit of fat, grease and oil can clog wastewater lines. Pima County has facilities that will accept it for proper disposal.... Read more»

Thanksgiving will delay trash pick up, close Tucson gov't offices

Government offices — like the city of Tucson's — will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday.... Read more»

Veterans Day will delay trash pick up, close Tucson gov't offices

Veterans Day holiday means trash collection in Tucson will be delayed by a day and city offices will be closed.... Read more»

Arizona cities push residents to save their little piece of Earth on Earth Day

10 Arizona cities are taking "think globally, act locally" to heart Thursday to mark the 51st annual Earth Day. Mayors are talking to "our residents about how they can show their commitment to protect our environment,” Tucson Mayor Regina Romero said.... Read more»

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Cunningham: Junk forces city to dump some recycling centers

Because some of our more irresponsible neighbors have been using neighborhood recycling centers as dump sites, the city now must shut some of them down.... Read more»

Cities struggle with recycling programs as profits vanish

A drop in global commodity prices is forcing states and cities to re-examine their recycling programs and goals.... Read more»

TreeCycle that dried-out Christmas tree

Are the needles starting to fall off your Christmas tree? Tired of trying to remember to water it? Is it looking a little more Charlie Brown and a little less "O Tannenbaum?" Tucson's TreeCycle program will recycle trees until Jan. 11.... Read more»

Concrete results from TO recycling program

A research project to make iron-based cement is ridding the desert of glass in the Tohono O'odham Nation.... Read more»

Adaptive reuse movement spares iconic buildings from wrecking ball

A new use for a property often involves tearing down what came before, but owners of dozens of Phoenix businesses are putting iconic buildings to new uses through what's known as adaptive reuse.... Read more»

For students, one person’s trash is another person’s research

Arizona State University student Melissa Merrick started her Wednesday pulling wires, plastic bottles and bags and anything else that could be recycled or reused from 6,000 pounds of garbage. All for research.... Read more»

Love life in the dumps? The city has a Valentine treat for you

If your love life is more trash than flash, the city of Tucson has a treat for you: a tour of the Los Reales Landfill. On Valentine's Day. Yes, you read that right. If you've been looking for love in all the wrong places, maybe you just haven't dug deeply enough.... Read more»

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