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Trump orders 60-day immigration halt due to CV-19

President Trump said Tuesday that he will halt immigration to the U.S. for the next 60 days, blocking most people from the country as the coronavirus pandemic continues here. ... Read more»

Hundreds join 'COVID safe' protest caravan outside Eloy immigration detention center

More than 100 cars and trucks circled for hours Friday, carrying honking and cheering protesters, outside of a private immigration detention center in Eloy, demanding that ICE release hundreds of migrants before they contract COVID-19. ... Read more»

'Insane' immigration bonds: Spiraling costs, Trump policies strain migrant families

As crowded immigration courts and detention centers hit records, officials seek skyrocketing payments to release migrants, or flat refuse relief. A Tucson woman faced a bond of $43,500 — last decade, such bonds cost about $50. ... Read more»