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Panel OKs Franks' bill to ban abortions based on race, gender

A House committee Thursday approved a bill to ban abortions based on the gender or race of the child, a practice that Rep. Trent Franks, R-Glendale, called one of the greatest threats to civil rights in the country.... Read more»

Commentary: Race & beyond

How Gov. Brewer actually helped President Obama

With a waggle of her right index finger last Wednesday, Gov. Jan Brewer erased the question of whether black voters will be enthusiastic about going to the polls in support of President Obama. Now, you can count on it.... Read more»2

Comic: Immigration

David Cameron's Britain

This week's riots in Britain have renewed the debate about multiculturalism: how much should immigrants (be forced to) assimilate into their adopted cultures?... Read more»

Hispanics lost 66% of household wealth to housing bubble

The wealth gap between whites and minorities in the U.S. is the widest it's been in a quarter-century, with white households having 20 times the net worth of Hispanic and black households.... Read more»

Census: Hispanic kids outnumber whites in Az

Arizona's Hispanic population grew far faster than other groups over the past decade, and children of Hispanic ancestry now outnumber those who are white, according to 2010 Census numbers released Thursday.... Read more»

House OKs banning abortions based on race, gender

Following an hour of heated debate, the state House gave preliminary approval Monday to a bill that would ban abortions sought because of the fetus’ race or sex.... Read more»

White town doesn't embrace South Africa's World Cup

Vuzuzelas are unlikely to break the silence in this small town. The yellow jerseys of the national team, worn by every other South African, are nowhere to be seen, and the steady schedule of World Cup matches that brings the country to a standstill has no impact here.... Read more»1

Poll on Tea Party/minorities a 'hit piece,' Tucson organizer says

The Tea Party's strongest supporters have negative views on minorities, says a University of Washington survey. A local Tea Party organizer called the poll a "hit piece."... Read more»3

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