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Teran: Puerto Rico statehood should be next on congressional docket

The time is long past due to provide Puerto Rico with full statehood. Rep. Grijalva has long been a champion for the people of Puerto Rico, and he has the opportunity to take up that mantle once again now.... Read more»

9 dead in crash of military cargo plane headed to Tucson Boneyard

A WC-130 cargo aircraft that crashed near Savannah, Ga., on Wednesday was being flown to be decommissioned in Tucson, reports said. Nine Puerto Rico Air National Guard crew members were killed.... Read more»

Tucson Border Patrol agents return from Puerto Rico

Two dozen specially trained Border Patrol agents returned to Tucson on Tuesday after working in Puerto Rico as part of the federal government's response to Hurricane Maria. ... Read more»

General overseeing Puerto Rico relief is Arizona graduate

Army Lt. Gen. Jeff Buchanan, now overseeing the Pentagon's efforts to support hurricane relief in Puerto Rico, is a UA graduate. Buchanan, named the primary FEMA liaison for the military, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Ecology in 1982.... Read more»


Santorum overreaches on English before statehood

Rick Santorum overreached when he said Congress required “English be the principal language and that it be taught and spoken universally” as preconditions for statehood.... Read more»

The latest Republican sex scandal

Sen. Roberto Arango, who represents the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan, posted nude photos of himself, one in a rather compromising position, on a site for gay and bisexual men. ... Read more»

Sweet deal for Diageo

Lobbyists distill tax break for foreign rum maker

A transfer of billions of dollars in federal aid from public projects in Puerto Rico to one of the world's largest liquor conglomerates over the next 30 years continues to move forward without any objection from Congress.... Read more»1