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'Which team is best'? Proposed open division tournament for Az high school basketball could provide answer

Following recent meetings between the Arizona Interscholastic Association and select high school basketball coaches, a new format for the AIA postseason open tournament has been proposed that coaches believe will create a more competitive atmosphere.... Read more»

Freedom of speech is under attack in public schools, U.S. House panel told

Students and teachers told U.S. House members during a Thursday hearing that their right to talk about race and LGBTQ+ issues in public schools is being silenced due to an onslaught of new state laws as well as pressure on school boards from right-wing advocates.... Read more»

Opinion: Schools can help us build back better and address climate change

The role schools can play — both in economic recovery and in addressing climate change — is often overlooked. Increased investment can help decarbonize our schools, lower annual energy and operations costs, improve health, safety and learning outcomes and provide opportunities for students to develop the skills needed to advance a sustainable future. Additionally, this investment will create living labs for environmental sustainability, clean energy and climate solutions.... Read more»

Coronavirus could doom our already fragile public school system

Parents, students and teachers are all looking for answers. Right now, there are none. The pandemic appears to be intensifying the longstanding threat to the future of universal public education.... Read more»

Supreme Court ruling protects religious options in Arizona school choice

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in a school choice case in Montana won’t open any new doors in Arizona, but will ensure that parents here continue to have religious options when they use the state’s school choice programs.... Read more»1

Schools cleared to open, along with summer camps and kids’ sports

Gov. Doug Ducey announced at a press conference Thursday that the school year will begin in late July as previously scheduled for Arizona's 1.1 million students.... Read more»

This year’s best reporting on education

From jaw-dropping pay and perks at universities to a $1-billion plan to purchase iPads, here are some of 2013’s best accountability stories in education.... Read more»

Huppenthal: Oudated technology hurting schools

An outdated and inefficient information technology system used to provide data to the state wastes staff time and creates roadblocks for those seeking the information, Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal said Monday.... Read more»

Senator vows to close decrepit schools on military bases

The Senate has decided not to take up a proposal that would close rather than repair decrepit Defense Department-run schools on military bases, creating a flood of thousands of students to nearby public school systems. But the plan's chief architect is vowing to try again.... Read more»

Lawmaker: Boost teaching requirement for principals

Requiring principals to have at least five years of experience in the classroom would enable them to better help teachers solve problems and enhance the effectiveness of Arizona’s public schools, a state lawmaker contends.... Read more»

Military public schools get failing grade

A substantial number of public schools on military bases are in either poor or failing condition, and many are overcrowded, a new report card by the Defense Department shows. ... Read more»