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Arizona bill would let dishonest cops appeal placement on Brady List

A bill that would allow law enforcement agents to appeal being placed on a list of dishonest officers cleared another hurdle on its way to becoming law, despite concerns from Maricopa County prosecutors. ... Read more»

Guest opinion: Sunshine Week

Federal court records should be free & easy to access. We're working on it.

Court records, unlike other federal government records, are locked behind a paywall. It’ll cost you 10 cents per page to read them online — or even just to view your search results. With a $5 million cooperative agreement from the National Science Foundation, our team is creating an Open Knowledge Network called SCALES to increase transparency around court records. ... Read more»

Guest opinion: Sunshine Week

Open government much better government

Open government is good government or, at the very least, it is better government. Nefarious deeds happen in the dark, behind closed doors.... Read more»

The Foilies 2021: Recognizing the year’s worst in government transparency

Since 2015, The Foilies have served as an annual opportunity to name-and-shame the uncoolest government agencies and officials who have stood in the way of public access. ... Read more»