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Reflections from Arizona's White Mountain Apache Tribe a year into the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic hit Native Americans especially hard, and now, more than a year since the first COVID-19 cases were recorded in the U.S., the White Mountain Apache Tribe in eastern Arizona has slowed the spread of the disease and helped curb death rates through a combination of intense contact-tracing, surveillance of high-risk individuals and, finally, vaccinations.... Read more»

Superspreaders, clusters and dead ends: Research reveals more about how coronavirus spreads

Research suggests the coronavirus can spread erratically, making some infected people “superspreaders” and others dead ends for transmission. This can create clusters or “micro-hotspots” even while communities next door remain relatively unscathed.... Read more»

County health chief: Migrant kids face greater health risk than public

The unaccompanied minors staying in Tucson continue to pose a "very low health risk to county residents," according to an assessment released out by the Pima County Health Department. Rather, the health of the children at the end of a long and perilous journey is a concern, said health chief Dr. Francisco Garcia.... Read more»