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New Arizona legislation would limit mayoral power to shut down businesses in emergencies

Mayors would no longer be able to order businesses to close during a state of emergency under a GOP-backed proposal fueled by anger stemming from the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when Arizona cities ordered many businesses to temporarily close.... Read more»

COVID conflicts smolder in states

The divide over the politics of the COVID-19 pandemic continues in states as the crisis grinds toward its third lethal year and hospital systems in every corner of the country are strained - and the divide continues playing out even in how lawmakers conduct business.... Read more»

Bill to limit Arizona governor's emergency powers was sparked by Ducey's COVID orders

New legislation that limits the power of future Arizona governors to declare a public health emergency has passed the Senate Government Committee with a slim margin and now awaits debate by the full Senate.... Read more»


How to save elections from a pandemic — Utah shows the way

It’s never been clearer that the country needs to be able to vote by mail. Utah shows the way. ... Read more»

CDC: Az ready for public health emergencies

Arizona is prepared to respond to public health emergencies and to identify biological and chemical threats, but it needs to report test results for foodborne bacteria faster, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.... Read more»