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Arizona bill would mandate redactions on body camera footage

A proposal before the Arizona Legislature would require any police body camera footage have nearly all faces blurred before it is released to the public, but critics say the bill would do much more harm than good to the public and even to law enforcement.... Read more»

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City & Cox negotiate public access plan in secret

On September 7, the Tucson City Council is scheduled to make a decision that may bring in over $20 million of revenue through 2022. If you are a Cox Cable subscriber, that revenue will come from you. But you are not allowed to decide where that money goes or how it's used by the city.... Read more»1

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PEG fee should keep lights, cameras on at Access Tucson

An open letter to Mayor & Council by Access' board chair, Bob Kovitz: If the city continues to compel Cox to collect over $3 million annually via that fee, it would be duplicitous (at best) and basic "bait and switch" (at worst) if those funds did not flow to Access Tucson per the existing agreement.... Read more»

Behrend out at Access Tucson after 26 years

Sam Behrend's tenure at Access Tucson will end on Saturday. Behrend, who has helmed Tucson's public access TV agency since 1987, was released from his contract by the organization's board Thursday night.... Read more»

Access Tucson, Channel 12 to share facility

The city's Channel 12 will move to Access Tucson's downtown facility, and both operations will be funded equally, the City Council voted 6-1 Tuesday.... Read more»1

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Access Tucson to close doors for 4 weeks

Access Tucson will shut its doors for four weeks - Feb. 10 to March 9 - following a 60 percent cut in city funding.... Read more»1