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Care & comfort: From horses to micro-mini cows, animals can help with human ailments

Animal-assisted therapy is a growing form of therapy that can help people of all ages both mentally and physically by relying on the bond between animals and humans, and can help a variety of conditions, from Alzheimer’s to PTSD to learning disorders.... Read more»

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Orphaned, infected, in crisis: How the coronavirus pandemic is traumatizing kids

The pandemic has brought heartbreaking consequences for millions of U.S. children, and while children have been less likely to be hospitalized or die from a COVID-19 infection thanks in part to differences in how their bodies respond to the virus, many still have become sick. ... Read more»


Nurses are leaving the profession, and replacing them won’t be easy

The fourth wave of COVID-19 is exacerbating the ongoing crisis for the nursing workforce and has led to burnout for many nurses - as a result, many are quitting their jobs in large numbers all across the country, with 62% of hospitals reporting a nurse vacancy rate higher than 7.5%.... Read more»

9th Circuit rejects bid to make feds rethink stance on marijuana

The 9th Circuit on Monday refused to make the federal government reconsider its position that cannabis is a dangerous drug - though one member wrote that while this case was not ripe for review, the government may soon be forced to reconsider its stance. ... Read more»

VA sending mixed messages for vets about cannabis use to treat PTSD

Despite increasing legal access to medical and recreational cannabis in states across the U.S., veterans face unfair treatment and stigmatization because the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs refuses to recognize marijuana as a viable treatment option. ... Read more»

Trauma in Native American communities plays role in child sexual abuse, experts say

Child sexual abuse is such an age-old problem that it’s explained in many Native American communities with a parable known as the Story of the Moon and the Sun, and this learned abuse has been passed down through generations, creating intergenerational trauma.... Read more»

Pres. Biden gives victims of crime a boost

President Joe Biden on Thursday signed into law a measure that replenishes funding for victims of crime in the United States so they can start fresh, receive mental health counseling and potentially gain a new lease on life for themselves or their family in the face of trauma. ... Read more»

Court orders new hearing for Arizona death-row inmate in Bullhead City murders

An appeals court Monday ordered a new hearing for an Arizona death-row inmate, saying his attorney did not fully investigate the history of abuse and mental health issues that could have been used in his defense at sentencing.... Read more»

‘Last responders' answer the call to bury the dead in a year of unprecedented tragedy

Caseloads surged as the COVID-19 death toll rose, and funeral home directors – often known as the “last responders” – were left explaining to grieving customers why they couldn’t mourn in person or have big gatherings to say goodbye.... Read more»

5 transgender Az veterans discuss abuses, how political changes can alter lives

Five transgender veterans in Arizona speak on what it meant to serve in the military and witness the shifts in how their identities are viewed by the commander in chief, with the effects ranging from loss of status and benefits to traumatic experiences while in service, including sexual assault.... Read more»


Deported veterans press Biden to bring them back

Military service is supposed to qualify veterans for naturalization as U.S. citizens. The promise of naturalization is sometimes a recruiting strategy targeting immigrant communities. Yet some veterans are deported after being convicted of crimes related to struggles with PTSD and substance abuse.... Read more»

Marijuana & mental health: Examining a complicated relationship

As restrictions on marijuana use fall and its popularity around the world rises, researchers and therapists are examining its influence on mental health. Some medical experts say cannabis has a negative effect on the psychological well-being of chronic users; however, other researchers say marijuana can alleviate suffering for people with anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder.... Read more»

Nonprofit Soldier’s Best Friend pairs rescues with veterans to become service dogs

Soldier’s Best Friend, an Arizona nonprofit, trains dogs to work with veterans with PTSD – or a combat-related traumatic brain injury – as service dogs. The organization either pairs the veteran with a dog adopted from a local shelter, or they train a dog already owned by the veteran.... Read more»

Native American groups address mental and behavioral health as COVID-19 wears on

With COVID-19 taking an especially heavy toll on Native Americans, tribal leaders and mental health experts have stepped up efforts to address the emotional suffering brought on by ongoing lockdowns and so much loss.... Read more»

Doctors raise concerns over the safety of 'keepsake' ultrasound photos

The FDA has repeatedly urged pregnant women to avoid medically unnecessary ultrasounds, saying it is aware of “several enterprises” in the U.S. that perform ultrasounds on pregnant women for entertainment’s sake and then sell the images as keepsake photographs and videos.... Read more»

Native American veterans still struggling to get the health care they were promised

But for decades, Native veterans and their allies have clamored for Congress to address what they see as inequalities within the VA system.... Read more»1

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