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In addition to basic medical services, access to medicine and STD and HIV/AIDS testing, Brigada Callejera de Apoyo a la Mujer Elisa Martinez provides condoms to sex workers. Brigada Callejera workers distribute them to sex workers at parks, bars and nightclubs in Tapachula, Mexico.

Nearly half the migrants who crossed Mexico’s southern border in 2021 were women - many who lack job opportunities and proper work permits - and some become sex workers because they consider it the only way to provide for themselves and their families. Read more»

Jadyn Ferguson, 20, says a lot of people 'choose not to know about sex trafficking.' After spending time on the streets, she now lives with her adoptive parents in Mesa.

Combating sex trafficking requires enforcement and action. In Arizona, truckers are playing a role. Read more»

Gov. Jan Brewer discusses a new law aimed at combating human trafficking in Arizona.

The help that Gov. Jan Brewer promised victims of human trafficking in her State of the State address became law Tuesday, increasing penalties and establishing being a victim of sex trafficking as a defense in child prostitution cases. Read more» 3

Phoenix Police Lt. James Gallagher and researcher Dominique Roe-Sepowitz present findings on the correlation between the Super Bowl and sex trafficking.

A study of advertising placed during the recent Super Bowl in New Jersey suggests the volume of sex trafficking that will occur when the event comes to Arizona in 2015 will likely exceed the ability of any one law enforcement agency to address. Read more»

Beth Jacobs, founder of Willow Way, which works to help victims of human trafficking, told a panel in Washington that part of the problem is laws that makle little distinction between victims of trafficking – as she was – and the traffickers that prey on them.

For those who think slavery exists only in history books, Tucson resident Beth Jacobs has a message. “Trafficking does not discriminate. It will find you at home, at church, or on the Internet,” said Jacobs, who said she was forced into prostitution as a teenager. “It can find you anywhere.” Read more»

The nine-page application form for a T-visa requires that applicants submit documents supporting the claim they are 'a victim of a severe form of trafficking in persons” and would “suffer extreme hardship involving unusual and severe harm upon removal.'

Visas to enter the U.S. are typically a hot commodity: The government stopped taking applications for its 2014 allotment of 65,000 H-1B work visas after just four days, for example. But not the T-visa. Of the 50,000 T-visas that have been offered over the last 10 years, the government has issued only 6,206 of the little-known visas meant to protect victims of human trafficking and their family members. Read more»

With the clock ticking down to the 2015 Super Bowl, nonprofits and advocates are already working to raise awareness about sex trafficking and persuade lawmakers to toughen laws. Advocates say that sex trafficking increases around sporting events, and the Super Bowl in particular. That was a consideration when a committee appointed by Gov. Jan Brewer made recommendations for new laws and policies in September. Read more»

As part of the program 'In Her Shoes' organized by Arizona State University's Diane Halle Center for Family Justice, Carolyn Jones described her descent into the sex trade and how she eventually broke away.

A young girls' story is part of an “In Her Shoes” simulation offered by the Arizona State University Diane Halle Center for Family Justice, where a group of reporters had to make choices faced by individuals who fell victim to sex trafficking. Read more» 1

What happens in Cartagena stays in Cartagena ... until you decide to stiff the hookers and they complain. Loudly. To (eventually) your boss. The President. Of the United States. Read more»

Children slip in and out of the border fence while playing near Playas de Tijuana, Mexico, in 2008.

An inquiry by Homeland Security’s inspector general serves to illuminate other, broader concerns about having Board Patrol agents undertake sensitive interviews, or screenings, with children that Congress has mandated of unaccompanied minors, specifically Mexicans, who cross illegally into the United States. Read more»

A red-light district in the Pigalle section of Paris.

Did Adolf Hitler supply Aryan blow-up sex dolls to discourage his troops from sleeping with disease-ridden French prostitutes? Read more» 1

Ruling being appealed said prostitution restrictions endanger sex workers by forcing them to work on the street and banning them from hiring drivers or bodyguards, violating their right to personal security as guaranteed by the constitution. Read more»

A popular London strip club has reportedly been raided and shut down after a two-month investigation by the city's police "vice squad" found that bankers had been paying almost $1,400 for threesomes in a stretch limo. Read more»

Amira Birger, who was trafficked as a child, said at the conference that in her experience, younger girls were always chosen first in line-ups.

Arizona should have a zero tolerance policy for men who engage in sexual intercourse with underage prostitutes, a former congresswoman said Tuesday. Read more»

In a scene from the film 'Trafficked,' Ruth Negga plays Taiwo, an African woman trafficked to Ireland.

A founder of the Irish Republic, Eamon de Valera, famously idealized Ireland 70 years ago as an innocent land of saints and scholars, whose villages were joyous with the laughter of happy maidens. If he came back today he would be shocked to find that a village in Ireland is just as likely to contain a brothel, populated by sex slaves from Africa. Read more»

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