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Votantes en la ciudad de Tucson, el distrito escolar de Vail recibirán 2 boletas por correo

Los votantes que viven en la ciudad de Tucson y tambien en el Distrito Escolar de Vail van a recibir dos boletas por dos elecciones seperadas para enviar por correo, y no es error... Read more»

Voters who live in both city of Tucson & Vail school district will get 2 ballots via mail

Voters in the part of Tucson that's also in the Vail school district will be mailed two ballots this month because there are two separate elections occurring at the same time. "If a voter receives two different ballots addressed to them, there is no need to worry – it just means they get to vote in both elections!" the County Recorder's Office said.... Read more»